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  1. robin007
  2. robin007
  3. sanjeev
    part time blogger
  4. masih
    Graphic designer and Security
  5. djdagovs
    .::[ Create Radio CMS ]::.
  6. Condition-Human
  7. Condition-Human
  8. noreplay
  9. kamis086
  10. kamis086
  11. antderdog72
    building startup
  12. irwanrohul
    Come on who's got the template with advertising facilities on the header and sidebar
  13. irwanrohul
  14. Condition-Human
  15. Condition-Human
  16. eldritch
    eldritch Nick
    Hi Nick,
    I have just joined the forum here and I don't know much about hotaru as such, but I want to use it to create a social bookmarking site for French users.
    So yesterday I looked at the language pack available, but it was not really what I expected. There were a few spelling mistakes and not all the language files had been translated either.
    I teach English here in France so I could try to translate all the files needed. Are you interested in getting the pack once it is completed ?
    Maybe it will not be a perfect translation, but I would not mind making it available to all those interested.
    Keep up the impressive work with Hotaru CMS

    PS I have seen you are currently living in Japan. My wife is Japanese, from Tokyo. I hope the earthquake did not affect your life too much
  17. aomidee
    aomidee Nick
    Nick! You are a hero :)
  18. sithburns
    sithburns Nick
    Hey Nick. I was wondering if I might be able to pay you to look at my site www.serpd.com. I think there may be a slight problem because the site breaks when I turn off debug mode in the admin.
  19. AdminShift
    AdminShift Nick

    Love the software, having a bit of an issue with the tipped theme however.. I'll ask if you know a quick and easy way to fix this..
    if you go the site, www.cooklinker.com, and click coupons up top, you'll see the issue. Is there an easy way to make the sidebar not show up on that one page? Its cutting off the coupon "widget" on one side.