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Adsense Revenue Share 0.3

Adsense Revenue Share

  1. wecan
    Plugins Required:
    • Yes
    Plug & Play:
    • No
    Plug & Play: Notes - needs template edit

    Show adsense code with the admin pub id or the user pub id. So profit made by ads in the posts of one user is split between the admin/site and the user.

    • Add formfield in the user settings page for the pub id
    • Add formfield in the admin settings page for the pub id and for the percentage of user pub id
    • Add formfield in the admin settings page to admit to share adsense width the user only after x news posted
    • Save settings smile and money sack in the admin page :D

    1. Upload the "ads_rev" folder to your plugins folder.
    2. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    3. Configure Adsense Revenue Share in Admin -> Plugin Settings -> Ads revenue share
    4. Copy this PHP code and paste where you want in sb_post.php (your theme folder). You can modify these parameters, of course.
    'google_ad_width' => 468,
    'google_ad_height' => 60,
    'google_ad_format' => "468x60_as",
    'google_ad_type' => "text_image",
    'google_color_border' => "336699",
    'google_color_bg' => "0000FF",
    'google_color_link' => "FFFFFF",
    'google_color_text' => "000000",
    'google_color_url' => "008000",
    'google_ui_features' => "rc:0"
    //note: not all fields are required, go to www.adsense-generator.com/ to see which things you need
    //note2: google_ad_client will be overwritten by the script
    If there is a feature you would like to see please let me know and I'll do my best to get it implemented. If you have any other questions feel free to ask! I'm waiting for your comments and remember to rate this thread ;)

    Revision History
    v.0.2 2010/04/10 - wecan / ties - Released first public version

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