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  1. carlo75
    • Yes
    Original Design: www.tr3ndy.com
    Plug & Play: Yes

    Simple left column theme W3C & CSS compliant theme. Carbon fiber and it colors is the protagonist; you can change banner 125x125px with your own, replacing 125x125.jpg in images folder, with your sponsor, then edit header.php. You can change also slogan site, by editing again header.php. For change Twitter and Facebook link, edit footer.php.

    Download the attachment zip file, and unzip in content/themes/cfiber
    Go to Admin Panel -> Click in Theme Settings: CFiber -> Activate it
    Go to Admin Panel -> Click in Plugin Settings: Widget -> Enable blocks and manage widget as you prefer
    Go to Admin Panel -> Maintenance and empty the css/js cache and HTML cache

    Revision History
    Version 1.1 - Updated for Hotaru 1.4
    Version 1.0 - First release - Hotaru 1.2

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    1. cfiber.jpg