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Google Analytics 0.5

Add Google Analytics tracking code to Hotaru

  1. carlo75
    • Yes
    This plugin allow you to add Google Analytics tracking code to Hotaru, in a simple way. This plugin doesn't count the visits made by user with Admin right (admin permissions)

    1. Upload the "google_analytics" folder to your plugins folder. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    2. Access it from the Admin sidebar
    3. Enter your Web property ID provided from Google Ananlytics and save.

    Revision History
    v.0.5 2011/03/29 - Carlo - Updated GA code and added control for Admin permission
    v.0.4 2010/08/30 - Carlo - Updated hook, to correct snippet in insert <head> tag
    v.0.3 2010/08/27 - Carlo - Updated for new GA Snippet Code
    v.0.2 2009/12/18 - Nick - Updated for Hotaru 1.0
    v.0.1 2009/11/24 - Carlo - Released first version

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Recent Reviews

  1. shibuya246
    Version: 0.5
    Really good contribution