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Hotaru CMS Core 1.7.3

Main Core code for Hotaru CMS

  1. v1.7

    Plugin data in memory on initialize

    Update of currentUser model

    Minify js CSS new script

    Plugin isActive method using memory cache rather than db directly

    Category data in memory on initialize

    New db calls with strong models

    Hotaru init base trimmed back and split away from hotaru functions

    Category data now not called in query for posts list as already in memory

    New debug values

    System recent load stats when in debug mode

    Plugins calling to get their settings data now get it from memory instead of db thanks to data being called in initializer

    All memory cache data also has indices like db tables for easy and fast lookup

    Namespaces for libs and models

    Classes inherited from base class with a singleton instance option available

    Fix on install for updating db indices

    Local language files in install scripts

    Default theme style updates
    Navigation file fixed for login when no user signin plugin available

    One db call for post comments on list
    One db call for checking if current user has voted already on list

    New settings page for admin

    Separate setting for js and CSS minify options rather than using debug mode to set it

    use of innodb as default db table

    db table indices clean up
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