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Hotaru CMS Core 1.7.3

Main Core code for Hotaru CMS

  1. v1.7.3

    fix for pagination on friendly urls
    fix for loading javascript files on both custom and default themes
    admin link fixed on pages
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  2. Version 1.7.2

    A number of minor bug fixes
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  3. v1.7.1

    updated installation pages
    minor updates to core plugins
    bug fix in user settings save
    css styling fixes
    spam manager in admin
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  4. v1.7

    Plugin data in memory on initialize

    Update of currentUser model

    Minify js CSS new script

    Plugin isActive method using memory cache rather than db directly

    Category data in memory on initialize

    New db calls with strong models

    Hotaru init base trimmed back and split away from hotaru functions

    Category data now not called in query for posts list as already in memory

    New debug values

    System recent load stats when in debug mode

    Plugins calling to get their settings data now get it from...
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  5. Version 1.6.6

    Fix for install settings table
    First draft of Admin Media Manager
    First draft of stats for New Users
    Show available themes from admin dashboard
  6. Version 1.6.5

    Style updates to allow old themes to keep working with latest versions (problems since v.1.5)
    Admin update for search plugins
    Link fixes
  7. Version 1.6.4

    A number of admin page fixes
    Plugin version number updates coming direct from Forum Resources to Admin Dashboard now
    Hotaru Version umber update also coming direct from Forum area to Dashboard
    Fix for Pages url link for sites not using friendly urls
    A few extra startup plugins included in this package also
  8. Version 1.6.3

    Various minor updates
    CSRF fix for post_images plugin
    hotaru shortlink call for update post imge
    admin styling
    add fields for forum username/pwd in admin settings
    auto check for plugin update stage 1
  9. Hotaru CMS 1.6.2

    Replaced CSRF with new code
    Replaced PEAR Mail with PHP Mailer
    Admin Template updates
    Comments css updated
  10. Hotaru CMS version 1.6.1

    Critical Updates for Admin - plugin management
    Icon updates with FA