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Post Images 1.8

Add thumb images to your posts

  1. ties
    Plugins Required:
    • Yes
    Plug & Play:
    • Yes
    Add thumb images to your posts. New: Can also get images from url (displays only images larger or same size of your thumb)

    1. Create a folder <hotaru>/content/images/post_images/
    2. Make the folder writable for php
    3. Upload the "post_images" folder to your plugins folder.
    4. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    5. Edit options from the plugin settings page.

    Future plans
    Switch from http://sitethumbshot.com/ to a cacheable thumbnail provider (100.000 thumbs a month for free with upgradable subscription, but every thumb has to be loaded every pageload), anyone know one? PM me!
    [STRIKE]To retrieve image directly from link[/STRIKE], video inc replacement/incorporation
    Implement this for images without an extension


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    Made possible by http://links.gunaxin.com/ - NSFW

    post-images-1-5.zip (71 views)
    post-images-1-4.zip (34.6 KB, 8 views)
    post_images-1-2.zip (26.2 KB, 774 views)
    post-images-1-1.zip (26.1 KB, 296 views)
    post_images-1-0.zip (25.9 KB, 275 views)


    1. post_image_plugi&#1.jpg
    2. post_image_plugi&#1.jpg

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. shibuya246
    Version: 1.7
    Works well when using with submit plugin. Could do with some improvement on crop UI