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Post Promotion 0.3

Post Promotion

  1. petsagouris
    Post Promotion
    Created on: 2010/08/27
    Last Updated: 2012/05/26
    Tested on: Hotaru 1.5.0
    Plugins Required: Submit, Vote
    Plug & Play: Yes
    Supported: Yes

    Post Promotion is a plugin that "sticks" a post on the top of your Homepage. This acts like the reddit promoted posts.
    The posts in the "Promoted Posts" list are randomly displayed in a Box in your home page.
    Anyone who has the "can_promote" permission should be able to add a story in the "Promoted Posts" list.

    • Unzip the contents of the zip archive inside your <hotaru_installation_directory>/content/plugins/ so that you end up with the post_promotion folder in there.
    • Then go into Admin->Plugin Management and install the Post Promotion plugin. Order the plugins so that the Post Promotion plugin is first in the first column.
    • To promote a post, visit the post on your website and click on the "Promote Post" link which can be found after the post's body.
    • Clicking on the "Promote Post" link will take you to the Post Promotion Settings page in the Admin Area.
    • In the settings page you will be informed whether the post was promoted or not along with a list of currently promoted posts.
    • You can un-promote posts by clicking the up-Promote link on post bottom or from the listing of the promoted posts in the Post Promotion Settings admin page.
    Revision History
    v.0.3 2013/05/26 - shibuya246 - updated Jquery code to jquery1.9 - 'live' chnged to 'on'
    v.0.2.9 2010/09/01 - Fixed the error about Reflection::setAccessible() not being able in PHP < 5.3
    v.0.2.8 2010/09/01 - Added show_post_extra_fields to the template. Made saving loading the settings much more automatic. Improved code for show_post_extra_fields hook.
    v.0.2.5 2010/09/01 - Choose to show promoted post in pages other than the Homepage. Made post promoting more robust.
    v.0.2.0 2010/08/29 - Added icon to the promotion trigger. Fixed wrong post being promoted bug.
    v.0.1.5 2010/08/28 - Implemented header_end and theme_index_top hook decision setting, made the promoted post's appearance easier to manipulate.
    v.0.1.2 2010/08/27 - Introduced Ajax, fixed some bugs
    v.0.1.0 2010/08/27 - Released first version

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