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Posts Widget 1.9.2

Posts Widget

  1. Version 1.9.2

    Title fix on Top Posts
  2. Version 1.9.1

    Bug fix for queries
  3. Version 1.9

    Add template for customisation
  4. Older Versions

    v.1.8 2010/12/17 - mabujo - Enable use of images from the post images plugin to be used in post widgets. (300 downloads)
    v.1.7 2010/10/12 - mabujo - Change widget headings from h2 to h4.
    v.1.6 2010/09/07 - Nick - Fixes for widget order gaps when removing posts widgets (120 downloads)
    v.1.5 2010/07/31 - Nick - Added settings for number of items, item length, and remove unwanted widgets
    v.1.4 2010/07/24 - Nick - Set number of posts by editing $limit at the top of posts_widget.php