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Tag Cloud 0.4

Tag Cloud

  1. shibuya246
    Plugins Required:
    • Yes
    Plug & Play:
    • Yes
    With this plugin you can view a tag cloud and put a tag cloud widget in your sidebar.

    1. Upload the "tag_cloud" folder to your plugins folder.
    2. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    3. Edit the tag cloud settings in Admin -> Tag Cloud
    4. There are CSS and language files in the plugin folder that you can customize if you want to.

    How to access the tag cloud page:
    * Friendly urls OFF: /index.php?page=tag-cloud
    * Friendly urls ON: /tag-cloud/

    Revision History
    v.0.3 2010/06/05 - shibuya246 - Reworked SQL query for making tag cloud to use less memory (629 downloads)
    v.0.2 2010/05/27 - Nick - Removed requirement for Submit and Tags plugins to be installed (84 downloads)
    v.0.1 2010/01/01 - Nick - Released first version

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Recent Updates

  1. Version 0.4