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Tos Antispam 0.5

Tos Antispam

  1. Nick
    Plugins Required:
    User Signin
    • Yes
    Author: Nick Ramsay
    Created: 2010/02/25

    This plugin adds a checkbox to the registration form with the text "I agree to the Terms of Service". It also adds a customizable anti-spam question with a drop-down list of answers to choose from. Alternatively, you can have users type in the answer. These options can be added to Submit step 2 and limited to a user's first X posts.

    My site is listed on so many Pligg lists, that I get dozens of spam posts everyday. Because it's impossible to tell if a new user is a spammer or honest user until they submit something, I set all new users to "member", but posts and comments to "pending" so I can check their first few submissions. Sifting through all the spam to find the legitimate posts is still a chore, even with Hotaru's amazing spam busting features.

    So I started watching YouTube tutorials for using AutoPligg, the software that spams the crap out of Pligg sites. I still don't know how they do it, but I suspect it works for Hotaru, too. Interestingly, the only time you manually have to enter something is for breaking ReCaptcha, and that's only if you don't pay for the services offered by DeCaptcher.com. With that in mind, it mad sense to make a new plugin that would add a unique anti-spam question to every Hotaru site - one that the Admins themselves choose and can edit at any time. This would force spammers to actually visit your site, not only for registration, but for post submission, too. And by limiting it to the first X posts, it shouldn't bother legitimate users so much.

    1. Add the following plugin hook in the user_signin_register.php template above the ReCaptcha code. If you are using the RPX plugin, add the same hook in the same place in the rpx_register.php template. Note: This hook will be added to those plugins by default when they are next upgraded, so it's okay to add them to the original templates.

    <?php $h->pluginHook('user_signin_register_register_form'); ?>
    2. Upload the "tos_antispam" folder to your plugins folder. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    3. Choose your settings in Admin -> Plugin Settings -> TOS AntiSpam

    If you'd like to link the "Terms of Service" text to your TOS, you can add the link around the text in the plugin's language file.

    Revision History
    v.0.4 2010/07/29 - Nick - Fix for bug with case insensitivity (215 downloads)
    v.0.3 2010/07/27 - Nick - Added a separate question for post submission and option to type in the answer
    v.0.2 2010/04/02 - Nick - Fix for being able to skip the captcha question in post submission
    v.0.1 2010/02/25 - Nick - Released first version

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