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  1. mabujo
    Author: mabujo
    Released: 23/03/2010
    Tested on: Hotaru 1.1.3 - Hotaru 1.4.1
    Theme page : Yonda theme

    Description :
    Yonda is a 2 column flexible width Hotaru theme. It is designed to make your hotaru site look like the site reddit.com

    'Yonda' means 'read it' in Japanese.

    Installation instructions :
    1. Download the yonda zip file, unzip and upload the /yonda/ folder to your hotaru installation at /content/themes/yonda/
    2. Go to your administration panel > Theme Settings > Yonda and enable the theme.
    3. Clear your caches at Admin > Maintenance

    Demo :
    I've created a live demo of the theme, you can view it here :
    Live Yonda theme demo

    Changelog :

    19/08/2010: v1.2 – Fixed bug when replying or editing comments, added padding to the left div, made headings smaller. (531+ downloads)
    30/07/2010: v1.1 - Updated to work with Hotaru versions 1.3+ (also tested on 1.4beta), added padding for login/register pages (requested by norby). (142 downloads)
    23/03/2010: v1.0 - First release. (196 downloads)

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    1. yonda_theme_scre&#10.png