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[Docs] About Debug Mode

Discussion in 'Getting Started with Hotaru CMS' started by Nick, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    What is Debug mode and where is it enabled?

    Debug does the following things:

    1. Displays errors on the screen if they occur
    2. Logs errors to /cache/debug_logs/error_log.php
    3. Shows a number of stats in your footer:
      • Number of database queries
      • Page load time
      • Memory usage
      • PHP version
      • MySQL version
      • Hotaru CMS version
    4. Allows developers to log results to a file
    Debug can be turned on by setting DEBUG to "true" in Admin -> Settings

    Error logging

    Regardless of whether Debug is enabled, Hotaru will try to log PHP errors and warnings to the error_log.php file in your cache folder. You can view that log in your browser from Admin -> Maintenance -> Debug. You'll notice you can also delete debug files from that same page. It's a good idea to clear the logs every now and again, especially if they grow large. If it exceeds 500KB, Hotaru will automatically delete it.

    IMPORTANT: When copying and pasting error messages into the forums from your site or error logs, please remove any sensitive information about your server and website.
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