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Adsense revenue share

Discussion in 'Plugin Suggestion Box' started by wecan, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. wecan

    wecan New Member

    I think adsense revenue share would be a great feature to add to Hotaru. I would immediately start using Hotaru CMS if I just had this one plugin. Users want earn money bookmarking news.
    How about this idea? :)
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  2. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    Good stuff!
  3. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    - Conclusion below - :p

    im not really familiar with adsense, still learning every day, so did some searching and found this site, the adsense API on google code
    This is what is troubling me...
    were you refering to this, because it seems pretty compicated and really corporate...

    i might misunderstood you completely and you just wanted some predefined areas for adds

    maybe you could explain your idea some more,
    and how adsense works, because its a mighty interesting concept to me... i did some googling again and i assume its this kind of code that initializes the adds:
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    google_ad_client = "pub-0000000000000000";
    google_alternate_color = "ffffff";
    google_ad_width = 468;
    google_ad_height = 60;
    google_ad_format = "468x60_as";
    google_ad_type = "text_image";
    google_ad_channel ="0000000000";
    <script type="text/javascript"
    so either you want the corporate stuff -> i think its not really possible
    or you want like predefined area's for these adds -> which is possible, but what is the different between adding the code in a plugin window or open a template file and paste it? or using the text widget?

    Oh got another possible answer you want the code above generated by the plugin which seems usefull. But which parameter should be changed everytime? - me googling - maybe google_ad_channel?
    I dont exactly know how this works, because i dont have adsense, but i think its like you can track effectiveness of your different adds?
    Seems usefull but then again these can be generated by small snippets, which i rather make then a plugin... but of course with our wonderfull docs you might want to give it a try yourself :rolleyes:

    anyways, if i didnt understand you correctly please explain more because i guess web advertisements are a great deal these days but the range of possible add locations is too wide to fit it all in a plugin, plus you need to add all the pluginHooks to trigger the add generation.
    These hooks probably need to be added manually or every plugin needs to be updated to add just one line of code.... it sounds like a lot of boring repetitive work to me just to make every add location possible, and everybody needs to update all the plugins before they can make full use of its functionality


    so that was my monologue... sorry if i bored you to death
    oh i typed this post while i googled so thats why the story isnt really straight up, but the message is there
    all and all i think its a good idea but i think it needs to become more defined
    its good you posted it so now we can all think about it :D

    never realized i could yap on for so long...
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  4. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    AdSense Share Revenue system are based on the possibility to show AdSense with different google_ad_client = "pub-0000000000000000"; on the same page.

    E.g.: when you [read more] a news, you can display some AdSense formats, x% with the google_ad_client of the user which submit news, and other y% with google_ad_client of admin of site.

    In revenue share, users can add their google_ad_client and a custom google_ad_channel, and admin can set x% and y%.

    I think wecan would suggest some solution for do this...
  5. wecan

    wecan New Member

    sorry, i didn't explain well.
    By taking part in the Adsense Revenue Sharing communities and websites, you have a great way to earn extra income. Often the Adsense revenue shared is between 50 and 100 percent for the content that you add to the specific site. This content could be in the form of a forum thread that you start, an article, a video or picture, a blog, or other types of content.

    If you spread your efforts across different sites, you could make some decent income. It is also an effective way of generating income for your own site by giving the visitors an incentive to contribute and keep returning.

    After you have signed up the social network or blog, if you edit your profile you will see an option to enter in your own Google Adsense ID. When you have entered your own ID it will be displayed in any articles you have submitted 50% or more of the time.

    * Invision
    * Joomla Extension
    o Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Lightweight
    o Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Module

    * vBulletin Forum
    * Wordpress plugin
    I think that it's a good idea adding hotaru this feature.
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  6. wecan

    wecan New Member

    @carlo75 Yes, thank you. It's just this. I think that isn't too difficult to do. :)
  7. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    so basicly this is a request for a usersetting to add a google_ad_client, so the profit made by adds in the posts of this user is split between the admin/site and the user.
    just another question, what if no google_ad_client is set? will there be adds or not? or is this an option in the admin panel?
    this sounds really interresting

    EDIT: you posted when i was typing i get it, its completely clear

    pretty good way to create a community, i like it
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  8. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Suggestion: i prefer to use this system with extreme care,
    if some users with fraud intentions, do something against AdSense TOS, the risk is high: ban of domain!
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  9. wecan

    wecan New Member

    All right :) if no google ad client is set it will display ads with admin's pub-id. Can you do it?
  10. wecan

    wecan New Member

    I saw that many communities do this. Do you know how they solve this problem?
  11. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    1. well its this:
    2. we are all volunteers, and if (hope thats clear enough) i make the plugin, it wont be released with any warranty/garantee/responsibility (at least not by me)
    3. testweek is coming up and i need to get some credits
    4. i dont have adsense, if i do i dont have 2 adsenses, to test this
    5. i have still alot to learn about hack/fraud prevention on the internet
    and probably more i cant think of right now
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2010
  12. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    I live in Italy and one of our biggest PTW (Paid to Write) was banned few months ago for illegal click from a user.
    Few days ago they're re-admitted, but what a BIG FRIGHT for the admins.

    I think there 'isn't a method to prevent accidental or fraudolent click, without interfere with AdSense code (prohibited from TOS)
    therefore... pay attention to who admit to the AdSense Revenue Share system; e.g. you can admit to share system only after x time, x news submitted, x news published, and similar... mine was only a suggestion
  13. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

  14. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    i still dont get how it works in detail though, you cant have 2 google_ad_client-s so the one from the post author is used but how do admins/sites get payed? where is the variable that says pay him too? its like magic, or does it automatically detect and link a hostname to a admin/site somewhere inside google?
  15. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    My approach would be to add an input field to the User Settings page (see how here). Leave the default value blank, otherwise everyone will see the admin's Adsense Publisher ID.

    In the plugin, retrieve the adsense ID for the post author with something like this:

    if (rand(0,100) < 70) {
    $user_settings $h->getProfileSettingsData('user_settings'$h->post->author);
    $h->vars['adsense_pub_id'] = $user_settings['adsense_pub_id']
    } else {
    $h->vars['adsense_pub_id'] = $adsense_settings['admin_adsense_id']; // defined in the plugin's settings page
    Then tell site admins to replace the "google_ad_client" value in the Adsense code in their templates with:

    <?php echo $h->vars['adsense_pub_id']; ?>
    Something like that.
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  16. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    The SWCMS module had a feature that the logged in user would never see his own publisher ID so he/she wouldn't click on their own adsense accidentally. I still have the module of it helps.
  17. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    @JonH i think thats pretty easy with hotaru:
    <?php if($h->currentUser->id != $h->post->author) echo $h->vars['adsense_pub_id']; ?>
    or something like that, you get where im going...
    just to brainstorm a little more, it might me a good thing to prevent the user from this function, it will be enabled after x top posts (toppost to prevent spamming, and to show he is really contributing)
    or even only enabled on top posts
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2010
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  18. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    I think definitely yes ties!
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  19. wecan

    wecan New Member

    Thanks, but where i have to put this code? in what page? I already searched, but...
  20. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    its not implemented, you first need to add formfields for users to actually be able to put in their pub-id
    the code is just an example of how it could be done...
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