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Autoreader 1.3


  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    I really don't like to touch this plugin because it's so big, but I've tried to fix the errors you found on installation and this seems to work. Please can you test these changes for me? If they work for you, I'll try to get them added to the plugin.


    1. Open /libs/autoreader_functions.php in the Autoreader plugin.

    2. Delete line 10:

    $arFuncs = new AutoreaderFuncs();
    3. Add these red lines at the top of the class:

    class AutoReaderFuncs
    [COLOR=#ff0000][B]    public $db = array();
        public $cachepath = '';
        public $cron_url = '';
        public $cron_command = '';[/B][/COLOR]
        public function getSettings($h)
    4. Now, on approx. line 31, rename $arFuncs->getCommand() to $this->getCommand()

            $this->cron_command = '*/20 * * * * '. $[COLOR=#ff0000][B]this[/B][/COLOR]->getCommand() . ' ' . $this->cron_url;

    5. Open /autoreader.php in the AutoReader plugin.

    6. Do a search and replace 16 instances of $this->db with $arFuncs->db

    7. Save, upload the files, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

    Good luck!
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  2. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Try the download here for latest

    Thanks to Nick for providing the code
  3. suresh

    suresh Moderator

    It is working, just downloaded and tested on live site. will let you know more by adding more feeds and test it.
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  4. soufron

    soufron New Member

    I keep getting "There was an error with the data"

    Installation went fine but I keep getting "There was an error with the data" everytime I try to add a feed.
  5. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    sounds like there is a problem with the feed.
    can you try some other feeds?
    are you putting http at the front or leaving that blank?
  6. soufron

    soufron New Member

    Yes, I tried various feeds with no success.

    To be more precise, after adding the feed, I click on "save", then I wait, then "error occured" appears in the feed field.

    I think it's my installation that sucks. I had to install everything locally on my osx laptop for testing purposes.

    I'll try to reinstall everything from scratch.

    I am super interested in this plugin as I designed several websites with the same function in the past. As I need to create a new similar website, my own stuff appeared quite deprecated and I am trying different solutions. Hotaru seems like a good choice to me - and people apparently answer questions quite quickly ;)

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  7. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    it may be that your site can not get access to the feeds and that is why the error is coming back
    I use Autoreader on a few sites and most feeds will work fine.

    If you have any problems let me know and I will try to help. You can PM me with any private links if you need more help
  8. bucigv

    bucigv Active Member


    I'm using this plugin since I've installed Hotaru. Everything works fine, but before two years, somebody hacked my server and erase everything from my installations. I have some backups and combined them and I've reinstalled again my site but there was some bugs in my installation. Now I'm trying to add new campaign but I receive message: ... loading ... and nothing more.
    Can somebody help me around this? I'm using Hotaru 1.7.2 with PHP 5.3.29 (I can't change PHP because of issues from my other site which doesn't support newer PHP version).

    In advance, thank you very much for your support :)


    Attached Files:

  9. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I'm not familiar with this plugin so I might not be of much help, but a few question: 1) is there anything in your error_log? 2) do you see any errors or warnings in the browser's console (especially javascript-related problems)?

    Also, as far as different versions of PHP for different sites, I would expect your hosting provider can explain how to do this. I do this right now with adding the following in my .htaccess file:
    SuPHP_ConfigPath /home/configpath_goes_here
    AddType application/x-httpd-php56 .php
    ...and then have a separate php.ini file for my Hotaru site. My other site remains on a different PHP version.
  10. bucigv

    bucigv Active Member

    Thank you for your reply, this is dedicated server and I've never think about this, but I'll try to read about this problem of mine.

    Dragoslav :)
  11. Mohamed Hashim

    Mohamed Hashim Active Member


    i am using Hotaru CMS 1.7.3 and RSS Autoreader 1.2

    the link buttons on the top {
    are not working at all please help me solve this
    problem as my website is relaying 100% on this plugin i realy need your help

    thanks in advance for your time and kindness helping me solve this problem.
  12. sereban

    sereban Active Member

    Clear the cache ?
  13. Mohamed Hashim

    Mohamed Hashim Active Member

    dear sir,

    i did what you told me and emptied the all the cash folders but nothing happen i still have the problem
    i really need some help on this one.

    thanks for your advise
  14. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Indeed, there does appear to be a problem with this plugin. I just downloaded v1.2 and going to the settings page gives me a blank screen and logs me out. When I comment out the Javascript file, I can at least get to the plugin's settings, but nothing works. Perhaps @shibuya246 who authored it has some ideas.
  15. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    @shibuya246: I think I've figured this one out but not sure what you want to do about it. There are two problems: 1) on line 52 of /plugins/autoreader/javascript/javascript.js, you're missing BASEURL in front of the URL -
    var sendurl = '/admin_index.php?page=plugin_settings&plugin=autoreader&template=' + link;
    Problem #2 is related - if you add BASEURL, it's not defined. (I also console.logged SITEURL, which is also undefined.) That means that line 38 also doesn't get BASEURL. What I don't know is why there isn't a global BASEURL defined for all javascript. (There are other javascript files that use it, so I'm not sure why it's not loaded here.) That's why I'm not sure how you want to fix it. Perhaps you want to add the following to admin_header.php around line 55?
    <script type='text/javascript'>var BASEURL = "<?php echo BASEURL; ?>";</script>
    Or, is there somewhere else where it's already being defined and it just needs to be pulled in earlier?

    (As an aside, I noticed a few javascript file calls in admin_header.php that, given what you're now doing with global constants for javascript, you might want to revise.)
  16. Mohamed Hashim

    Mohamed Hashim Active Member

    Please see whatever you can do to make this plugin work again as its the heart of hotaru cms all of us will apresheat what you will do to make this plugin work again.

    thanks in advance
  17. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Until @shibuya246 decides the best course of action, if you need it working right away, you can make the two changes I discussed above. Change line 52 of /plugins/autoreader/javascript/javascript.js to:
    var sendurl = BASEURL+'/admin_index.php?page=plugin_settings&plugin=autoreader&template=' + link;
    Also, add the following to /content/admin_themes/admin_default/admin_header.php on line 55:
    <script type='text/javascript'>var BASEURL = "<?php echo BASEURL; ?>";</script>
    I believe those should fix the problem.
  18. Mohamed Hashim

    Mohamed Hashim Active Member

    i did what you told us to do but sorry nothing worked :(
  19. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Let's see if we can figure out what's going wrong. Please look in your javascript console and post here if you see any errors. Also, did you see any errors on the screen? If you'd like, you can also PM me your site's name and admin credentials and I can take a look..
  20. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    I can also check the admin side if I get details by PM
    sounds like a js link error or as @valMETNG says the BASEURL link

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