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Autoreader 1.3


  1. FLX

    FLX Donor Donor

    Small bug on line 1093:

    $h->db->query(WPOTools::updateQuery('hotaru_posts', $properties, "post_id = $post->post_id"));
    Since it mentions "hotaru_posts" it won't work for people with a custom db prefix :)

    Other than that, what is the cron url I should call? I rather call it manually instead of via the cron plugin. I couldn't find it in the plugin or in the documentation.
  2. cecilporter

    cecilporter Donor Donor

    I've noticed that an apostrophe or single-quote in the title will truncate everything after that character. For example:

    Here's a fantastic thing you should read



    Also, I've noticed that if a title has words in italix, those words will be omitted. For example:

    The Hangover II looks like it's going to be pretty funny


    looks like it's going to be pretty funny
  3. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    I've just uploaded a new version 0.9 to the original post which include many bug fixes.

    Version 0.8 was an unreleased SVN version by Nick, meant to make the plugin compatible with Hotaru 1.5. Since this breaks compatability with Hotaru 1.4.2, this was removed.

    Fixes :

    Title encoding problems - The post titles were not getting properly UTF-8 formatted. This lead to problems with special and accented characters and when editing stories. For example, single or double quotes caused the title box to be cut off in submit_edit stage.

    Not being able to assign posts to certain users - What it says really. You could not assign posts to users with underscores, numbers e.t.c. in their screen names.

    DB prefix - A site owner's custom db prefix was ignored in adminUpdateCampaignPosts.
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  4. Gunaxin

    Gunaxin Well-Known Member

    Just tested and I got a :

    & # 8 2 1 7 ;

    instead of an apostrophe.
  5. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    & # 8 2 1 7 ; is a single quote in the latin extended set. It's odd because it's not even from standard ASCII.

    Character encoding is kind of difficult to test and there are huge numbers of different combinations of encodings and server set-ups in the wild.
    I'll be honest, it's not my plugin in and I don't want to get into to supporting it widely, I've simply made fixes to the plugin that help me and some clients.

    I have seen a potential problem with the & character but hadn't seen anything with single quote marks. In fact I have loads of stories with them imported fine on my site.

    Can you provide a link?
  6. Gunaxin

    Gunaxin Well-Known Member

  7. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    It's in the feed. Look here : http://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/blog/dirty-tackle/rss.xml

    Their encoding problem, not mine ;)

    It would of course be possible to parse through the title for things like that but, meh.

    Edit : Actually I had a question for you, I see post images everywhere on your site...did you hack autoreader to import them or are you doing that manually after? I was thinking of possible importing post images in autoreader in an update at some point. I know pretty much how I'd do it but wondered if you already have?

    Double edit : Saw you posting in the paid services forum, I guess that means you still need it implemented?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2011
  8. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    I've uploaded version 1.0 to the original post.

    This fixes the problem I mentioned with the ampersand character and tidied up the code formatting.

    Gunaxin, even though the & # 8 2 1 7 ; character you mentioned was in the original feed and not a plugin problem, I added a re-write for it anyway so those feeds will now look normal on your site at least. booya!
  9. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    Added another minor update (1.0.1) to the OP. Minor bug fix, hopefully sorting out the ampersand bug at last and a teeny weeny speed improvement in the title parsing function.
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  10. devnick

    devnick New Member

    I downloaded the lastest version of this plug-in an installed on a fresh install of Hotaru. I'm having the following issue.

    I read he read me file and see this plug-in is not compatible with IE, so I'm using Chrome 10x browser.

    I did manage to set up one RSS feed for testing. Now I'm trying to go back and add more but I can't access any of the options via the drop-down menu. Dashboard, Add Campaign, List Campaigns...

    I can't get the admin_plugin_content DIV to show something. It's not there! Now what? I tried using Firefox but have the same issue.

    Does the position in the plug-in list mater, currently this is the last one out of all the ones I have installed?

    Can I uninstall the plug-in and re-install it, what about the data it already brought in?

    Separate question, if I don't like a feed I add and I want to remove it later, does it delete the data from the database when you remove the feed or do you have to do that manually?

  11. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    Sounds like it might be a problem with jquery, have you tried the jquery test plugin?
  12. devnick

    devnick New Member

    Thanks mabujo.

    I downloaded the plug-in and it worked fine without a problem, the animation worked.

    I went to the RSS Autoreader plug-in and it now shows the Dashboard and the first screen of the Add Campaigns and List Campaigns. The problem then was the tabs on those items, they did not work.

    I did some more testing while using Chrome. When I use www in-front of the domain name, the plug-in doesn't work even though the jquery test works. the plugin returns the site BASEURL without the www

    Now, I downloaded Firefox and did the same testing. Again, it does not work with www in-front of the domain, just like Chrome but all of the other tabs under Add Campaigns and List Campaigns work fine with Firefox.

    What browser are people using here? I will continue the setup with Firefox
  13. tombr

    tombr New Member

    I installed the Autoreader plugin on my local computer(localhost) to test it. After creating a test campaign and upon clicking "Save", I get an error message:

    "There was an error with the data"

    what could be causing this?

    I tried a few feeds, then I tried with just one feed, everytime the same error.
  14. krankdroid

    krankdroid New Member

    can images of posts be read in the RSS feeds ?

    and if not.
    is it possible to add the function ?
  15. tombr

    tombr New Member

    accented characters

    For people using latin accented characters i found that changing:

    file: content/plugins/autoreader/libs/autoreader_functions.php

            // parse title for problem characters etc.
    $title $this->makeTitleFriendly($title);
    $h->post->url make_url_friendly($title $occurrence);
    $h->post->title $title;
            $h->post->url make_url_friendly($title $occurrence);
    // parse title for problem characters etc.
    $title $this->makeTitleFriendly($title);
    $h->post->title $title;
    was giving me better results. For example, an url like: www.example.com/category/cá

    before the edit, the script was changing the url to www.example.com/category/cacute

    now, after the edit, I get the ur to be www.example.com/category/ca
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  16. tran_tien

    tran_tien New Member

    I had some ploblem.

    1. How to rss update more frequently, i need update every 15 minutes.

    2. How to import image from feed to post thumbnail :

    Every feed item contain enclosure tag with image like this :

    <enclosure url="http://domain.com/6695241.jpg" length="0" type="image/jpeg" />

    3. When item title contain quote character, post item display &quot; like this :


    4. I need transform some Vietnamese character to normal character in URL like this :

    Original title : Audi Cup 2011: Hội nghị thượng đỉnh Munich



    I attached special Vietnamese character here :

    à = “a”
    á = “a”
    ả = “a”
    ã = “a”
    ạ = “a”
    ă = “a”
    ằ = “a”
    ắ = “a”
    ẳ = “a”
    ẵ = “a”
    ặ = “a”
    â = “a”
    ầ = “a”
    ấ = “a”
    ẩ = “a”
    ẫ = “a”
    ậ = “a”
    À = “a”
    Á = “a”
    Ả = “a”
    Ã = “a”
    Ạ = “a”
    Ă = “a”
    Ằ = “a”
    Ắ = “a”
    Ẳ = “a”
    Ẵ = “a”
    Ặ = “a”
    Â = “a”
    Ầ = “a”
    Ấ = “a”
    Ẩ = “a”
    Ẫ = “a”
    Ậ = “a”
    đ = “d”
    Đ = “d”
    è = “e”
    é = “e”
    ẻ = “e”
    ẽ = “e”
    ẹ = “e”
    ê = “e”
    ề = “e”
    ế = “e”
    ể = “e”
    ễ = “e”
    ệ = “e”
    È = “e”
    É = “e”
    Ẻ = “e”
    Ẽ = “e”
    Ẹ = “e”
    Ê = “e”
    Ề = “e”
    Ế = “e”
    Ể = “e”
    Ễ = “e”
    Ệ = “e”
    ì = “i”
    í = “i”
    ỉ = “i”
    ĩ = “i”
    ị = “i”
    Ì = “i”
    Í = “i”
    Ỉ = “i”
    Ĩ = “i”
    Ị = “i”
    ò = “o”
    ó = “o”
    ỏ = “o”
    õ = “o”
    ọ = “o”
    ô = “o”
    ồ = “o”
    ố = “o”
    ổ = “o”
    ỗ = “o”
    ộ = “o”
    ơ = “o”
    ờ = “o”
    ớ = “o”
    ở = “o”
    ỡ = “o”
    ợ = “o”
    Ò = “o”
    Ó = “o”
    Ỏ = “o”
    Õ = “o”
    Ọ = “o”
    Ô = “o”
    Ồ = “o”
    Ố = “o”
    Ổ = “o”
    Ỗ = “o”
    Ộ = “o”
    Ơ = “o”
    Ờ = “o”
    Ớ = “o”
    Ở = “o”
    Ỡ = “o”
    Ợ = “o”
    ù = “u”
    ú = “u”
    ủ = “u”
    ũ = “u”
    ụ = “u”
    ư = “u”
    ừ = “u”
    ứ = “u”
    ử = “u”
    ữ = “u”
    ự = “u”
    Ù = “u”
    Ú = “u”
    Ủ = “u”
    Ũ = “u”
    Ụ = “u”
    Ư = “u”
    Ừ = “u”
    Ứ = “u”
    Ử = “u”
    Ữ = “u”
    Ự = “u”
    ỳ = “y”
    ý = “y”
    ỷ = “y”
    ỹ = “y”
    ỵ = “y”
    Y = “y”
    Ỳ = “y”
    Ý = “y”
    Ỷ = “y”
    Ỹ = “y”
    Ỵ = “y”
  17. olivetty

    olivetty New Member

    I think the image feature is the most important. A nice feature. Also i need this feature.
  18. kmai

    kmai New Member

    Maybe (shibuya246) can respond.
  19. frytec

    frytec Member

    try that:

    in file /content/plugins/autoreader/libs/autoreader_functions.php

    around line 650

    $title = htmlentities($title, ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8");

    and replace with
    $title = html_entity_decode($title, ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8");
  20. frytec

    frytec Member

    it it possible to retrieve an image for the posts created by autoreader?
    if its not, is that hard to implement?

    and what about a default image for each campaign?

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