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Can and where does Hotrau remembers plugin de-install.

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by scrt, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. scrt

    scrt New Member

    After submitting the post below, I realized something and to simplify my question. Does Hotaru remembers an install pugin after u doing an Un-install. And if it does remember, where does it keep that info? ( Mad scientist here wants to do memory wipe on a poor firefly).

    Spent hours changing Hello Universe plugin name to be anything I want. And being able to use the code I want. Long story, got it to be name heverse but when install, it is hello universe. I know it is the heverse plugin for I also had it echo heverse to know it is not the prior hello universe. tx

    Title: Can Plugin Name be Change after Installing to reflect the New Name?

    I install hellouniverse.
    I change the name to heverse. All reference in the files, comment area that is utilize by plugin are change. Universal search.
    Clear cache, restart vista, and I see hellounverse for install in plugin management.
    I remove heverse folder from the plugin folder and place in my desktop folder.
    Good, I do not see it for install. Placing heverse back into plugin folder, I see hellouniverse for install.
    Install and it runs. Strange that I called the file heverse, class hevers, folder heverse in the comment area. but the install say hellouniverse

    I made a cursory glance at my database looking for hellouniverse and did not find prior to installl. The file plugin in the db I place close attention. Not there I look thru all the files in the db for hellouniverse. boy, that is a Nancy Drew mystery for me.
    Just asking out of curiosity on how to change a plugin name after install to reflect the new name I use .

    I doubt I will get an answer on this one. tx

    Ps: In my initial install, I might have not have unistall from plugin management but yank from the plugin folder to change to heverse. I am just learning how to code plugins. Even so, I should have found a reference in Db to delete and that is the mystery, where was this name hidden.[/CODE]
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  2. scaza

    scaza Active Member

    Change the readme.txt file. the plugin manager takes info from that file. The plugin should work without changing that though.

    Parles-tu fran?ais? J'aime Montr?al. Je vais y aller la semaine prochaine pour visit? les aimis.
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  3. scrt

    scrt New Member

    Enchante, je parle un peu y j'aime Montr?al, aussi. Avant, Je habite Toronto. Quand je visite Afrique, je connais necessaire. J'etudie 4 mots, intense. Merci.

    Tx for the info. Who will think a readme.txt file will be use for I busted my brains on that one - a day. Playing with hello universe, class, folder, comment section proper, checking db, etc. So, I try reverse engineering and no luck. How did u discover? Hotaru really have a lot of surprises. Nancy Drew mystery solve and tx to u.

    I am close to downtown Montreal with 15 minute subway ride. Give me an heads up on when u are coming. to have a coffee. There is a PHP convention around now and it is the convention but $300 attendance for all the days. Are u coming to kill two birds with one stone? Weather, icy yesterday and be careful walking downhill for we have more dangerous hill than Toronto. Should look at the agenda to do select on a guest speaker. I do not drive in the winter. In the summer, can show u the beauty of Montreal. I like to camp, waking up in front of a clean river. Enjoying terraces. I do visit Toronto also.
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