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  1. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    carlo75 submitted a new resource:

    Cfiber - Cfiber

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    great! you really make a lot of themes for hotaru, keep up the good stuff!
  3. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Very classy. Nice work!
  4. baadier

    baadier Well-Known Member

    Cheers again for the contribution mate
  5. rmurdo

    rmurdo New Member


    I followed the instructions and get a blank screen. Nothing in source and no errors in the logs.

    I have 1.1.4

    Any ideas?

  6. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi rmurdo,
    CFiber is 1.2 ready and a new funciton may cause this problem. On index.php at the beginning try to comment this line:

    to this:

    then refresh web browser. Another thing have you installed the plugins?
    If not try to install social pack from here.
  7. rmurdo

    rmurdo New Member


    That fixed it, thanks.

    Is there a paypal address I can send a donation to? It wont be much as I am a poooor blogger. Haha. But I do appreciate the template!

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  8. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi rmurdo,
    thanks for appreciate my template, I'm very glad for this! For donation no problem, I'll make some themes for Hotaru basically for fun, and to embrace the spirit of open source, which Nick has shared with us with this amazing project.

    Now remember, that in the new beta Hotaru 1.2, released yesterday you can remove the double slash, you have added before...
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2010
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  9. diode123

    diode123 New Member


    I really would appreciate some help. I have tried and tried to create links to the 125x125 adverts at the top of each page on this template. I have uploaded 3 different images and adjusted the header.php file to reflect this and that all works fine. I have no experience of PHP at all. I have spent hours on google and bing searching for how you embed a link in an image when you are using PHP. There are no answers out there.

    The lines of code I am trying to change are within the header file and the first line of three is like this:

    <img src="<?php echo BASEURL . 'content/themes/' . THEME . 'images/125x125_2.jpg'; ?>" alt="Get Searching for Bargains" />

    Thanks for any help in front that you may offer.
  10. baadier

    baadier Well-Known Member

    You could do this:

    <a href="link_address"><img src="<?php echo BASEURL . 'content/themes/' . THEME . 'images/125x125_2.jpg'; ?>" alt="Get Searching for Bargains" /> </a>
    Where link address is the link address you're pointing to
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  11. diode123

    diode123 New Member

    Thanks for responding. I am at work now so don't know the exact URL but it is for a affiliates account I have with Hostgator so lets go with http://www.hostgator.com/ for the moment.


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