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[error] Voting button

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by baghas, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. baghas

    baghas New Member


    Whenever I press the up/down button, i get an "err" displayed.


    How do i fix this?
  2. seekyt

    seekyt Donor Donor

    This might not be the solution to your problem, but have you recently added any javascript files to your header? Sometimes when you include a javascript file in the wrong place in your header file it can cause problems like this. Do your "tags" drop downs still work? I used to get these problems in tandem, and the solution was to rearrange the order of javascript files in the header.
  3. romancos

    romancos New Member

    I remember the same problem. It's about permissions. Please check your webserver error log for details and change permissions to the file considered security risk by the server.
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