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Hello World 0.5

Hello World

  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Nick submitted a new resource:

    Hello World - Hello World

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  2. scrt

    scrt New Member

    Do u want to test your knowledge to create Hello World

    Read this document (it is hello world explain).

    Then see if u are capable to pass the test. If u did not, there is the answer. Download Hello World plugin and study.

    I post this for hands on people. Thus with document in this post, hands on people can make an attempt. And where u fail, u will remember, gain knowledge. I have been reading and reading but it goes thru the other side since I did not apply or take notes.,

    If u have coding background, I have faith in u - I ask u to try to solve and to start from scratch again. . Reread and reflect to get the answer and then look at the plugin if u cannot solve. The knowledge u gain from actually doing will help u in the long run to do your personal project. The comment for class and folder (name utilize) will be use in your coding for class and function (note the spelling, ie, the underscore, who uses the underscore, hello_world). There, u did it.

    Reading today, I discover those comments at the top in plugin are used. Had encounter and seeing in writing today surprise me. Thought it was [STRIKE]legal [/STRIKE]mumbo jumbo to not notice or ignore prior. Lo, it more than comments. Hotaru is full of coding surprises - CMS Engine, Theme Engine, Practises

    Good luck supporting Hotaru with your plugins.
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