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Help me decide on a setup for my Hotaru sites...

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by louis, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. louis

    louis New Member

    Social bookmarking site with just a couple-four-five friends? Or on my own - How do some of you guys do it?

    I am debating on whether allowing unknown users to sign up and submit bookmarks on my current site and new Hotaru site I?m working on. I wanted to try my hand at SB for fun and see where it goes. Something that didn?t require me to add some silly, useless, blog post a few times a day to try and get some clicks and traffic. I have been getting some SPAM users signing up that I remove ASAP and I know that is the nature of the game. It just seems as though I?m spending time doing that at the moment. Just looking to see how some of you guys run your Hotaru site and the goals you have for it.
  2. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Hi Louis, I'd suggest turning on the following feature in submit plugin.


    It works this way. If you have a new user who is posting a link on your site for the first time, you'll receive a mail that you have set up in Home ? Admin Control Panel ? Settings ). The mail gives you a link to approve the post or not. What this does is, it never shows up on your upcoming page and all you need to do is approve the post. As an example, I sometimes get close to 70 mails in a day that ask me to approve a particular post and yeah, 95% of these are spams. I skim through all the mails and if I have the time, I go ahead and ban the user.

    So, feel free to "turn On" this feature and let unknown users sign-up on your site - they still need to go through a Wall that you have set up - an approval from the site admin - it's the best deterrent for spammers.

    Your site is a niche one that is IPad-based (correct me if I'm wrong) so why not start being active in forums/blogs whose content is focused on IPad? :)
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  3. louis

    louis New Member

    OK, I will give that a go. You are correct my site is niche to iPads and I have been out there spreading the word. I was just wondering if other Hotaru Admins handle the entries on their own or have it open to new members. I like the idea of having the option.
  4. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    I give new users "member" status, but like nothingman suggested, I put the first X number of posts and comments into moderation and get emailed about them. If the first post or comment is spam, I "physically delete" the user, adding them to StopForumSpam and my blocked list at the same time.

    It can be hard work when you have a dozen spam posts a day (and that's after I banned the whole of India). On the bright side, you can just sit back with a beer and then mass-delete all the spammers in one go at the weekend - just watch out you don't delete an honest user! (I've done that before, and even added them to StopForumSpam! :eek:)

    @nothingman, do you use the Stop Spam plugin? The more of us that use it, the less spam registrations we should get.
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  5. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    I setup 180 PhpDug sites, but I seriously modified the code since it was un-supported... I added related links, auto sitemap creation, auto rss feed importer (it had one but sucked..lol), plus I did major template remodding.. I set these up so only my members could post as I coded a social poster tool for my members to use. The rss feeds are from 19 different categories on my article directory.

    So it auto sends the articles + my members have ability to do bookmarking.

    Now with HotaruCMS I currently have one site setup and almost done with it, just got to do some other SEO add dynamic titles for cats, related links on bookmarks to proper cross link the site, and create the ability for sales copy to show only on index.. Once that is done then I will feed it with my 19 category Rss Feeds also. Huge difference on this one is greater SEO and I really like this thing a great deal better than phpdug.

    I guess it depends upon what you want to do .. I prefer to have my own network as it has its benefits.. I am not talking ads as all my sites are 100% ad free... But because I own a membership site this is a huge plus benefit for them because when they post an article in my article directory in 30 minutes that have 1,100+ instant backlinks.

    So again just depends upon what you want to do ... I will be installing more HotaruCMS sites as soon as I get this one going..

  6. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    How do you monetize them?
  7. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Are they all on the same server? same IP address?
    Do you have some sort of MultiUser/MultiSite system going, or do you actually have 180 uniquely installed sites?

    We are working on some MultiSite code for Hotaru so I would be interested to know what you currently have.
  8. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    I don't .... lol One thing about me I love 100% ad free sites .. Even my article directory, forum, blogs, facebook apps, facebook games, are all 100% ad free.. No affiliate links, no ugly google ads stealing link love, no junky marketing products, no banner ads....

    Many people wonder how I make a living online (Which I have done full time for over 15 years) and my sites are ad free... Well a great deal of it has to do with the fact I create my own products and services and the fact that I participate, help others, intereact with people, build relationships and etc ...

    Yes I charge for my membership on my article directory but it is not expensive... My membership combines many tools which you can not find no other single site that offers what mine does, you have to join 4 or 5 membership and end up spending $100's monthly and even then it would only match half of what I offer.

    I done website development for over 15 years and stopped taking on clients about 20 months ago and started working on my "own" sites instead. Almost everything I do online now is geared towards helping my members and building my main site, thus all sites are ad free because those sites list their links, articles, and etc ....

    Now don't get me wrong.. yes the phpdug sites list 2 products on them.. 1.. my membership site 2.. my membership script but these are my products and not some annoying ads or seriously annoying popups..

    But I probably just confused you more...lol I am tying to be brief without being self promotional ...lol


  9. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    I have 180 sites installed, meaning it is really 180 installs... They span accross 5 or 6 ip's (I forget the exact number..lol) I have 2 dedicated servers.. I block all login, registration, and submission - I created my own system that can submit to the site directly from the members area of my membership site.

    On the new HotaruCMS I have the login, submit, register links deleted.. I will probably create a .htaccess to redirect any possible registration due to the fact HotaruCMS uses the same files for many purposes. On PhpDug I was just able to delete the register page.


  10. louis

    louis New Member

    Whoa now that's something. :D

    I was going to ask the same thing? In short, my sites are fun projects I enjoy tinkering with (It?s the geek in me). But let?s be honest I would love to make something, anything, from my ?Hotaru holdings.? ? couldn?t resist had a nice ring to it. I pay $50 a year for hosting If I could make enough to pay for that and my domains $7-$10 yr. for approx 10 domains for let me say; a part time gig I would be happy.

    However as long as I been online I?ve never made anything! Sure some would say ?It?s a full time job? and this is the reason why I don?t make anything. Maybe that?s true but I?m OK with the (part) time I put in and just try to learn as I go. This is why I question if I?m on the right track and maybe get some tips from the Pro?s Here. Maybe I'm late to the game--AGAIN!
  11. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    Well Nick needs to open a marketing section over here...lol

    I have a marketing forum that explains stuff in step by step proven methods how to make money online.. I have not had a J.O.B. in well over 15 years ... I have been online for 25 years..

    I pay over $300 a month on hosting but I have dedicated servers and many many many many websites... I almost cry when it comes to renewing domains ...lol Actually I just registered 5 more domain names for use with specifically HotaruCMS, only setting up the one for now to get things the way I need them to be.

    Louis let me give you something to think about ....

    Let's say you install 60 sites (a small network) and yes you can use sub-domain names, as matter fact sub-domain names are very powerful. Ok so 3 main domain names with 19 sub-domains on each = 60 sites.

    Now let's say you want to make money.. Ok take all 60 sites and build them up, now this is where the hard work comes in... Submit your rss feeds to directories, submit your sites to search directories, bookmark all 60 sits to many of the TOP bookmarking sites, write a few articles and post them, and etc .. In other words you are going to market the sites and get them built up... Get them to a PR 1 at least and about 400,000+ in Alexa (I know those stats mean nothing as they are wrong but using that as a guide here..lol).

    Now you have 60 sites that have a pretty decent build up and probably about 100 visits a day on each. These sites are NOT open to the public, they are a small private network and they are 100% ad free.. The content I can provide you content by auto rss feeds. Now how do you make money ...

    That is actually the easy part .... But before I answer that let me ask you this ....

    If you was promoting an affiliate product, anyone does not matter which. Would you rather post that link on a adsense filled site or would you rather post it on a ad free site ? The obvious answer is ad free because there is nothing distracting that visitor from click on your link. Now obviously I am not talking about powerful sites such as propeller, faves, mister-wong, and etc .. Because ads or no ads those sites can increase your listings. But in the marketing arena the more backlinks the better rankings and there are only so many top bookmarking sites, top article directories, top social sites, and etc..

    Thus due to this we turn to ad free networks to get more link juice and that network makes money by doing one thing... Charging the member to post on it. Who is going to pay money to post on a freaking bookmarking site ?? (I know you was thinking this ..lol) Well many will if that bookmarking site can prove useful. If it is built up and being marketed then I know some that would pay a small monthly fee..

    So you have your 60 sites, they are built up, they are auto feed with Rss Feeds, you have to check no spam or anything.. You charge like $5 a month per user.. 10 users pay your hosting and anything above that is pure profit.. You can get away with charging too much as they sites would need to be seriously built up in order to command something like $20 or $30 a month.

    It's really that simple to make money online.. I could provide the feeds for content and some members that would be willing to pay the $5 a month... You would have to supply the sites and build them up though which is the hard part ..


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  12. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Yes Nick, I do. :)

    lol, if I (and the target audience of my site) weren't from India, I too would ban my 'own' country :eek:
    In fact, when I look at the IP addresses of the spammers on my site, 90% of them originate from India *sigh* :mad:
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2010
  13. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    That's bad ain't it .... It's a shame a few are bound to ruin an entire country.. I must admit I have several websites that I block entire countries from and india is one of them. Not sure what Nick uses but I coded a geo-ip script ..


  14. louis

    louis New Member

    Something learned everyday. Very interesting stuff for sure.
  15. kmai

    kmai New Member

    Feed aggregator

    Hi James,

    Where do I buy a script reader self feed with RSS feeds to feed my sites.
    You know me some inform
    an aggregator of feeds, the 60 sites to read the feeds aggregator

    Last edited: May 10, 2011

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