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Hotaru CMS 1.5.0 beta

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by shibuya246, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    I am currently working on a new version release of hotaru CMS, which will be 1.5.0
    It is somewhere between alpha and beta at the moment.

    So far I have updated these core libraries:

    • update htmlawed
    • update ezsql
    • update simplepie
    • update jquery
    • update jqueryui

    I have also updated the default themes to incorporate more modern css design

    • change default theme from 960 to twitterbootstrap (much better for mobile)
    • change default admin theme from yui to twitterbootstrap (better for mobile)


    • various small updates for deprecated functions in php as versions have increased over php 5.3
    • couple of small sql query changes

    I plan to release something showing this shortly, but would like to do some work on replacing ezSQL with ActiveRecord first, since this is an area of coding that has improved greatly over the last few years and would benefit the hotaru project.

    If you want to see things running on the new libs, you can test out my test site at http://ipadrank.com
    This is my development site which I save code to live. sometimes you might find it working, othertimes I might turn on or off plugins for testing, and even switch themes to test as well. Please note : this site may be down at various times as I work on the code. This does not mean hotaru is broken. It means I am working :)

    The theme i currently have is not fancy. It is a plain default black and white set piece and may not look much different to the current default theme, but if you check the url on your iphone or ipad you will see the theme is mobile ready straight out of the door with a nice top bar and menu.

    I have made the admin default do the same thing with bootstrap as well and it works well on mobile.

    Further work beyond 1.5.0
    the 1.5.0 release will be about bringing things up to latest versions for all libraries and hopefully changing out ezSql in a smooth way. The default themes will get updated and I will probably provide 2 zip files, one with just the hotaru CMS core and the other including the basic plugins with it. Some of the other 100 or so plugins we have may need some further testing.

    There have been some good comments about hopeful future changes to hotaru CMS and a lot talked about the ability to easily submit posts / photos / video

    I would like to move slowly rather than promise too much and not deliver, so
    • first I would like to get these library updates out and tested
    • second I would like to put out the new themes which are mobile compatibile
    • third I would like to implement ActiveRecord instead of ezSql
    • fourth I would like to improve the submit process to at least encompass photos. video may have to wait slightly depending on what i see when i view the code
    • beyond that I am open to ideas and discussion

    I know a lot of people like the bookmarking roots of hotaru CMS and we dont want to turn it into just a facebook clone, but I am willing to listen to the ideas of all those who use hotaru CMS and want to satisfy their target users by improving the sites.

    There is a similar thread to this on BakerCMS, but I would like to bring my discussion back to the main hotaru CMS forums now as this is where I plan to release the hotaru CMS 1.5.0 version.

    I am releasing an alpha version of the zip files for the latest updates so far. This is not beta stage yet and still needs to be tested with all plugins. There are 2 zip files here. One is just the core, the other is the core code for hotaru CMS and the core plugins, all as one package. You can choose whichever you want to try it on and install or upgrade as normal

    The full details of the version 1.5.0 alpha are here

    and now beta is available
  2. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Just wanted to point out that if you enable the img HTML tag in post submission and also enable the photo upload plugin, the photo upload plugin overrides the images posted via the HTML tags i.e. only the images uploaded via the photo upload plugin show up and all the images posted via the img html tag are 'lost'/don't show up.

    Regarding posting videos, I had made some modifications to the HTMLawed file (with Nick's help) so that users could post videos using the 'old embed code'. I know you have mentioned that it's not a promise but if the ability to post videos is implemented, I hope the videos already posted via the 'old embed code' on my site won't be lost. I'm not complaining but that's just a request. :eek:
  3. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    I will have to try that and see what is causing it. I am guessing you want both the HTML tag images AND the photo upload plugin images to be shown?

    Thanks. yes, we dont want to lose any functionality we already have. If you see anything missing on the current release that should be there, let me know
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  4. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Yes, it would be nice to have that so old posts with images already embedded using the img html tag won't be lost.
  5. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    I think I can fix that so it shows the Photo Upload plugin image if present and if not the HTML image. Can you show me a screenshot of how you "enable the img HTML tag in post submission?

    What is the link to the Photo Upload Plugin you are using? Is it in the forums here? I Want to make sure I get the most recent version
  6. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

  7. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    First i have submitted a link and included a hotlinked image from my blog to this description section

    Next I am going to enable the Image Upload plugin and see if it stops showing the description img. If so I will check where it cuts that off

    I am having trouble downloading the zip file for that plugin. Each time I get the zip and open it on my Mac it turns it into a .cpgz file instead of an upzipped folder. Anyone else seen that on some of the downloads?

    Have changed to Safari instead of Chrome as the browser to download it and it worked fine

    I notice that Tim Thumb plugin has not been updated after a serious security issue which was mainly felt on Wordpress but originated from Tim Thumb. I am updating now and will put a new version on this forum for that plugin first, then continue with reviewing the image conflict above.

    I have updated that plugin now here:

    Even though I select an image and upload it, then confirm by FTP that the image was uploaded, it does not show up on the page before hitting "Next". It seems it is not getting it for some reason.

    Can you take a look at http://ipadrank.com and submit an article to see this?
    Also, if you look at the previous post I did http://ipadrank.com/index.php?page=12 it is still showing the picture even though the plugin is operating. This picture was loaded via inline HTML hotlinking the image

    Can you confirm the above before I try something else?

    I will keep editing this entry for the next steps
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  8. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    What I did (on ipadrank.com)

    1. Entered Title
    2. Added Description:
    3. Selected Category
    4. Clicked Browse , selected an image and then clicked upload (page seemed to upload the image) but Attached image: showed None
    5. Still clicked Next
    Next page showed the following error.

    Warning: require_once(/home/ipadrank/public_html/libs/Tags.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ipadrank/public_html/libs/Post.php on line 175
    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/ipadrank/public_html/libs/Tags.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/ipadrank/public_html/libs/Post.php on line 175
    If I remember correctly, in step 4 - when you click Browse , and then clicked upload the Attached image: used to show the name of the image (or was it a thumbnail of the image?) and clicking Next used to show the image you have uploaded in your post.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  9. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Can you try again now. There was a naming issue with that file which I changed in the code, but it had not got updated properly. When I hit "Next" I am not seeing any image at all
  10. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Yes, I don't see the errors now but like you said, the image I uploaded does not show up. Clicking upload seems to be doing something but Attached image: still shows None. I think a thumbnail (or was it the name of the image) used to show up there and you had a "image successfully uploaded" message.

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  11. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    The image is being saved in the folder correctly. Any other things you tried on your site to make it work?
  12. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

  13. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Rather than hacking around the existing Image Upload and Submit plugin, I think it would be better to write a new Submit plugin which can handle image upload from the start. What type of functionality is required for this? single image? multiple image? by video upload do people really mean embedding video from another site? would you upload an image and have a link to a site or just upload an image? Are thumbnails required? I would like to explore what is required here before jumping in.

    As to why your images from inline HTML are not displaying when you have this plugin installed, I would suggest the code you inserted into bookmarking_list.php and bookmarking_post.php is picking the plugin instead of the HTML img, when it is present.
  14. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    I was thinking of PM'ng you about this - i.e. instead of hacking around with it come up with a new submit plugin. The ability to post multiple images is what comes to mind. And if it's multiple picture, it could be in the form of an album? A rough sketch on MS Paint -> http://i.imgur.com/EhnRq3w.png

    I can't speak for the others but with videos, embedding it from another site is what I was thinking of - I don't think anyone here has the resources to allow users to upload videos on their (shared) servers.

    I'm don't even know how tough it would be to do this, but to be able to have both would be great. Same goes for the comments - i.e. allow pictures/videos to be able to post in a comment. For comments, I was thinking of something similar to the oEmbed plugin. You just paste the picture/video links and the image ('properly' resized or with a thumbnails) shows up. But I could be alone in this, as I'm the only one replying here.


    You could have these simple buttons like the one we have in these forums. With the pictures already uploaded to imgur/imageshack and the toolbars prompt the user for a the video or the video link. Once the user submits the comment, the video and the image show up 'properly resized'.

    But then these are just ideas coming from a non-coder who doesn't even know the scale of how difficult it would be to implement. So please feel free to ignore. :eek:
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  15. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Thanks. Appreciate your comments and ideas, and for providing the discussion rather than rushing in with demands :) I would like to hear from some others as well, but it is does seem to be very quiet. I agree with video upload. embedding is what I had in mind for sure. Images could go either way. Uploaded or embedded. I will wait a bit to gather more feedback. I hope some more people show up soon.

    I have put a few more changes together for v.1.5.0 and may release the beta soon.
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  16. skorpyo

    skorpyo Well-Known Member

    Since Hotaru stopped being developed, my website also stopped. I moved from one system to another and still can't find one that matched Hotaru with it's features. Really hope it won't lose the social bookmarking flare that it had originally. That was the main purpose of it you know. I can't donate because I'm don't have the money and the possibilities, but I'll sure as hell help the way I can, again, starting with designing and implementing the most awesome bootstrap powered theme for the new Hotaru version, ones is released of course.

    Please people, stop asking for support right now and focus on providing as much ideas, suggestions, feedback for the new version as we all can.
    A BIG thanks to shibuya and all of the contributors, and let's see this project up and running again!
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  17. seekyt

    seekyt Donor Donor

    Images and Videos in Hotaru - an easy method.

    First of all, thanks for the much needed update - especially the Admin interface! I needed a change of scenery.

    If anyone is familiar with my website Seekyt.com, I built it on Hotaru and I have image uploads and videos working just fine. The best way to approach this kind of functionality in the short term is with a WYSIWYG editor. Therefore, before we begin with this tutorial, please make sure you install the CKEditor plugin for Hotaru.

    Here is an image upload script that can be combined with Hotaru to make uploads work with CKEditor, if you don't already know how to do this:

    $url = '[B]../images/uploads/[/B]'.time()."_".$_FILES['upload']['name'];
        if (($_FILES['upload'] == "none") OR (empty($_FILES['upload']['name'])) )
           $message = "No file uploaded.";
        else if ($_FILES['upload']["size"] == 0)
           $message = "The file is of zero length.";
    //this limits uploaded files to 1mb. Change the number to whatever you want...
    else if ($_FILES['upload']["size"] > 1048576)
    $message = "Your image is too big. Please limit your image uploads to 1MB in size.";
    //this prevents anything other than images from being uploaded...
        else if (($_FILES['upload']["type"] != "image/pjpeg") AND ($_FILES['upload']["type"] != "image/jpeg") AND ($_FILES['upload']["type"] != "image/png"))
           $message = "You can only upload images in either JPG or PNG format. Please upload a JPG or PNG instead.";
        else if (!is_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']["tmp_name"]))
           $message = "You may be attempting to hack our server. We're on to you; expect a knock on the door sometime soon!";
        else {
          $message = "";
          $move = @ move_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'], $url);
             $message = "Oops! There was a problem moving your uploaded file. Send a message to Admin if the problem persists.";
        $url = '[B]http://url.com/uploads/[/B]'.time()."_".$_FILES['upload']['name'];
    $funcNum = $_GET['CKEditorFuncNum'] ;
    echo "<script type='text/javascript'>window.parent.CKEDITOR.tools.callFunction($funcNum, '$url', '$message');</script>";
    Create this script and name it "upload.php" and give 644 permissions. If you are an advanced user, you can customize this quite a bit to suit your needs.

    Change the bold parts to your own Path/URL - the first bold is the path of the location of this script on your server, once you create/save it. The second is the URL of the location of the folder that images will be uploaded to. I suggest you create a new folder for this instead of using one of Hotaru's existing folders. Give the folder 755 permissions.

    Next, make sure your ckeditor software knows where your upload script is.

    Open your "config.js" file inside of /content/plugins/ckeditor/javascript/"

    Somewhere after the first few lines, and after the first "{" insert this:

    config.filebrowserImageUploadUrl = '[B]http://url.com/location-of-your-upload-script/upload.php[/B]';
    While you are in this file, make sure "Image" is one of the active buttons for your CKEditor toolbar. This button normally allows you to insert images from URL. You will also be using this button for uploads after this tutorial.

    Again, the bold part represents the URL location of the upload script. Make sure to change your URL appropriately.

    Next, open the following folder: /content/plugins/ckeditor/javascript/plugins/image/dialogs

    Use your browser's "find" function (ctrl+f or command+f) and search for config.filebrowserBrowseUrl

    Right after you find this, you will see "hidden:true" in the code. Change this to "hidden:false"

    Finally, make sure you have allowed "img" in your list of allowed HTML tags inside of the submit plugin. Save all of your files, clear your plugin cache, and restart your browser.

    Click the "image" button inside of the ckeditor should now have a "upload tab" which uploads files directly to your server.

    Next, CKEditor has some plugins for inserting Vimeo and Youtube videos.

    In order for videos to work properly you will need to edit your htmlawed file. I have attached a copy of mine because I forgot the exact edits I made.

    View attachment htmLawed.php

    Also make sure you allow "embed, iframe, youtube" in your allowed HTML tags.

    Download the following files from and upload them to /content/plugins/ckeditor/javascript/plugins/: View attachment youtube.zip View attachment vimeo(2).zip

    These are the VIMEO and YOUTUBE plugins for ckeditor. They are NOT hotaru plugins. Please follow the following instructions:

    Next, open your config.js file again (/content/plugins/ckeditor/javascript/config.js) and add the Vimeo and Youtube buttons to the toolbar by editing the "config.toolbar_custom=[" section and add the following where you want the buttons to appear:


    For example, I like my video buttons right next to the image button, so this part of my config.toolbar looks like this:

    	config.toolbar_custom =
    Save your files and you're done. Users will be able to insert videos using only the Youtube URL or Vimeo URL. No embed codes required.

    Note: Special thanks to this article for the original upload script which I modified for Hotaru: http://www.caeus.com/articles/how-to-add-and-upload-an-image-using-ckeditor/

    Note2: I did not write the Youtube and Vimeo plugins for CKEditor, so special thanks to their author as well. I'd like to link to him but I cannot find the correct Github user at the moment.

    Note 3: Caveat to the image upload script is all images are uploaded to a single folder. Over time, this folder will be too big to open without freezing your server/computer. To bypass this, you may consider creating a new folder each month and then change the URL within the upload script to the new folder's location.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
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  18. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    seekyt, as a request, let's use this thread to add comments, ideas, feedback and the like. I'm already using CkEditor and will definitely implement this one.

    As a request, could you please create a new topic and copy paste what you have posted here? So that it's easier to search in the future.

    EDIT: Please ignore the following question as I'll ask it in the new topic.

    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
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  19. suresh

    suresh Moderator

    I had told previously in baker cms about problems, here is one of them.
    SQL query:
    SELECT count(post_id) AS number FROM indiaposts WHERE post_archived = 'N' AND post_status = 'top' AND post_tags LIKE '%Panasonic+TC-P50ST50+Review%' AND post_type = 'news' ORDER BY post_date DESC
    PHP error log:
    MySQL server has gone away
    Current User:  (id: 0)
    User Role: member
    Page Name: popular
    Sub Page: tags
    Looks this people are running scripts to post on the site. I found some of the spammers when the post had little description. This way I can recognize they didnot used the submit button, in the future release this should not happen.
    I uploaded the script and let you know once I setup it.
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  20. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Thanks, we will be keeping bookmarking features definitely

    Yes, please design some great themes. The default theme I made for the new release is very raw. I just wanted to bring in bootstrap to show people what can be done on a new css framework and also take advantage of their responsive design for mobile. If you make something good as a theme, I will include it in the default install package. I encourage you to make a Free and a Paid version if you want. No need to bundle plugins with the theme.

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