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Hotaru Groups Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Suggestion Box' started by narc, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    I need to collect a few more ideas, hence the request here as a placeholder. I'd like a plugin as it is in drupal, oragnic groups.

    the idea: open group members, these are linked to the user profiles. there should be a group admin, moderator and a normal user.

    if we now have a team of two people. , the one that joining your group and write their own contributions. the user can also join of multiple groups, if the moderator permits, etc.

    something like hotaru still missing unfortunately. I know it is a very very large piece of work, but let's see maybe I can implement it as intended.
  2. seekyt

    seekyt Donor Donor

    This is an interesting idea. Could any member theoretically start their own group and be in charge of who can join? That would be a great plugin :)
  3. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    To add to what's being discussed here, it would be great to have that "secret group" functionality too :)
  4. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Is the idea of groups just for the bookmarking? Let me know if I have this wrong

    Someone makes a group. This could be admin or just a regular member
    A list of Groups on the site can be shown
    Members who have already registered for the site can ask to join a group they find
    Once they join the group they can see the contents of that groups posts

    This would make the group seem almost like a secret category

    Is this what you are expecting?
  5. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    The group functionality in Pinterest is what comes to mind here.
    1. A User clicks "Create group"
    2. User is prompted the name of the group with the option of making it "secret" or "open to all". At the same time, the user is asked to select the category of the group. In HotaruCMS's case, the user would be prompted with the default groups already created by the administrator. Pinterest comes to mind here again.
    3. When the user selects making the group "secret", the user is given the choice of choosing user he want to add to the group.

    EDIT: When it comes to HotaruCMS, anything posted on a group would by like a normal post on a HotaruCMS based site. If the group happens to be secret, only members of the group would be able to see that group.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
  6. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Where at the top of the page should we put the menu for "GROUPS"? in the top nav bar?
    Would the content only be visible if you click to the Group page you are a member of ? or would it be visible on the top page as well more like a stream ?
  7. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    @ Nothingman No, I do not mean. what you want you can easily do with the category plugin.

    I use hotaru for a news website. there are many editors. there can be several editors from different companies. the join of a group and publish articles about this group.
    then a function must be added, that a post can be assigned to existing groups. should be a new editor in an existing group want to join. moderator of this group must first open.

    then you could do about the member management, saying a group admin can add 5, a member of only 4 etc.
    the groups should be given an extra field for email, address, logo, etc. .. as the user profile plugin.

    I think a picture can better show what I mean: hotaru_groups.jpg

    EDIT: OVERVIEW from organic groups for DRUPAL

    Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves.
    They do so by posting the usual node types: blog, story, page, etc. A block is shown on the group home page which facilitates these posts. The block also provides summary information about the group.
    Groups may be selective or not. Selective groups require approval in order to become a member, or even invitation -only groups. There are lots of preferences to configure groups as you need.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
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  8. skorpyo

    skorpyo Well-Known Member

    Or maybe you all want something like Reddit does with it's sub-reddits...
  9. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Yes. I think that's what we are looking at :)
  10. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Actually, I was in the (very) early stages of building something like this (and my code is an absolute mess right now... as my code typically is). :) I think there is some great functionality around sub-reddits and moderators. Is someone actually developing this?

    Here's the functionality I have on the drawing board and/or in progress (well, admittedly, more on the drawing board than in progress):
    1. A drop-down widget (at the top like Admin or Debug, or off to the side) that includes all the functions a moderator is approved to do, including the following:
      • Turn a "distinguishing" mode on or off (on reddit, if you're a moderator and your distinguished mode is on, you get a little green "M" next to your name in a post or comment within your particular sub-reddit; likewise, anyone who is an admin can turn distinguish mode on and they get a red "A" when they post)
      • Edit the group's .css/background theme (e.g., changing the color, changing the voting arrows to something else, like thumbs up/down, adding a group image)
      • Assign permissions to individual user contributors (e.g., this user can only look at the posts in the group (or cannot), this user can (or can't) make posts (i.e., links) to the group, this user can (or can't) make editorials (i.e., posts without links) to the group, this user can (or can't) make comments to posts within the group, this user is limited to making x number of posts per day to the group, this user is limited to making x number of comments per day to the group, this user is banned and can't post, comment, or vote). Permissions would also have effective and expiration dates (or no expiration date if they won't change), which would allow moderators to ban a user to do certain activities for a certain time (e.g., if a user has been spamming the group, the user could be banned from posting for 2 weeks as "punishment").
      • Assign permissions to individual domains (e.g., links from this domain are (or aren't) permitted in this group, only x number of links from this domain per day/week are permitted)
      • Make the group restricted to a particular domain (e.g., I can envision people starting groups to promote just their particular product and don't want links for a competitor's product posted)
      • Access the modqueue (i.e., moderator queue), where the mod can approve/deny individual posts or comments flagged by users, but only for that group
      • Give awards to users (e.g., little image icons next to their name that only show up in that particular group but that also show up in the user's profile "trophy" section; they would be given for insightful, creative, helpful, etc. contributions to a group). Each award would have an image, a description, and generate an automated email to the user letting him know he received the award (with a settings button to turn off automated emails).
      • Edit the group's "rules" (effectively just a somewhat small HTML page that appears to the right in a widget when you're looking at a post or list of posts from that group - e.g., no profanity, no personal information)
      • Edit whether the group is public, restricted, or private (i.e., if it's private, you must be invited to the group to view or make posts/comments; if it's restricted, everyone can view posts by default but you have to be invited to make posts/comments; if it's public, anyone can view and post/comment if they aren't banned)
      • Edit the number of flags by users on posts/comments before the post/comment is put into the modqueue for someone to look at (e.g., in a very large group with thousands of posts/comments, moderators might not care much if a post/comment has been flagged as spam once or twice, but might if it's been flagged as against the terms of service or against the group's rules)
    2. There is a hierarchy of moderators for the group (i.e., category). For example, the creator of the group can invite people to be moderators and assign permissions. Once someone becomes a moderator (e.g., mod A), they can also invite others (e.g., mod B, if the creator gives them that permission), but can limit the permissions of mod B to less than mod A has (e.g., if mod A can edit the .css of the group, he can also assign that permission to mod B; however, if mod A cannot edit the .css, then he can't assign that permission to mod B).
    3. All flagged posts and comments are directed to a modqueue for that particular group (after they reach the threshold in settings).
    4. If they have the appropriate permissions, moderators can: 1) remove flagged or non-flagged posts/comments; 2) can approve posts/comments; (i.e., after they are submitted by a user but before they are displayed); 3) can restore posts/comments removed by another moderator that is "lower" in the hierarchy (e.g., mod A, who invited mod B, can restore posts removed by mod B, but mod B cannot restore posts removed by mod A)
    5. Ability to name them something other than "groups" (e.g., "categories," "rooms," "publications")
    6. Subscribe to a group (e.g., only posts from groups that you subscribe to will be included on your home page, although you can still view posts in other groups). Reddit also just added another feature recently called metareddits that allows users to group similar reddits together using tags. So, for example, a user could tag groups like /r/chess, /r/chessmoves, and /r/kingsandqueens together into a chess metareddit. Then other users who are interested in chess could subscribe to the chess metareddit and get posts from all 3 subreddits.
    Yeah... it's a laundry list. But if you're going to dream... :)
  11. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    You said everything I would have thought of when it comes to groups. And hey, you aren't taxed for dreaming... :)
  12. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will themselves not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die." - Daniel Burnham

    Words I live by every single day. :)
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