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Hotaru vs pligg - taking into account server resources

Discussion in 'Installation Specific Questions' started by kameleon, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. kameleon

    kameleon New Member

    I need answer to one question:

    I have few social bookmarking websites (3 of them have 100's visitors daily, and more then 100,000 bookmarks and several 10,000 users) based on the pligg platform. They are hosted on VPS hosting, but recently I have problems - they are taking too much resources (RAM memory) causing almost every day that VPS container turns off and that my site become unavailable for several hours or more.

    One of hosting support admins tells me that pligg has bad optimisation (has a lot of MySQL queries, creates a lot of temporary tables), and recommends me to make transfer of my pligg sites to hotaru CMS. And tells me that hotaru is much better optimized and that takes much less server resources (RAM memory and other) - is it true?

    thanks in advance
  2. hotaruuser

    hotaruuser New Member

    I can just tell that I have to deal with 36mb memory limit on my site and it works really well and is really fast, but I have about 60 users and 500 posts, so not so much as you
  3. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    Short answer : yes.

    Long answer : I have Hotaru installs that are handling millions of pageviews a month. I've done some custom work to Hotaru to handle load but mostly on plugins, the core is pretty good at db caching and caching some full pages.
    The plugins that cause the most load are autoreader rss importing and tags + related posts.
    It's of course important to have a decent VPS provider but you should be able to scale a typical Hotaru install to at least 150,000 visits/month on a mid-range VPS without much effort.
  4. Graeme

    Graeme Member

    Hey, I'm looking for a reliable VPS provider.. I want to use VPS (or anything fast and affordable) for my hotaru site I've been working on, can anybody recommend a good VPS?

    I've currently being using shared hosting for my basic websites with iPage and Bluehost, and I find the performance is poor sometimes.
  5. suresh

    suresh Moderator

    If you buy a server also your pligg site is waste, it cant control the site those who are using scripts or software to submit their stories.
    In the begining I too used Pligg CMS and almost the site gets bots submission, in this way the cpu resources were much used, I was on a shared hosting and today too on a shared hosting with Hotaru CMS.
    I converted from Pligg to Drigg and then Drigg to Hotaru which uses less space and resources etc. It's a waste CMS that you can't handle the spam submissions.
    Hope this helps to you and your server fees too waste.
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  6. Graeme

    Graeme Member

    thanks i'll check Kameleon out... I never bothered with Pligg or anything else. I read about all of them, and found hotaru! I thought this was the most attractive cms due to its customizability. However to see that this cms is also more cpu friendly than the others is great. I'm glad hotaru is active again!
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  7. Graeme

    Graeme Member

    lol i see kameleon is the name of OP and i thought it was a vps service!! hahah

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