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HotaruCMS and OExchange

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by watari, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. watari

    watari New Member


    So far HotaruCMS has given me a great impression. I decided to use HotaruCMS after long research which social bookmarking to use: Hotaru, Pligg, and redit open source

    In term of plugins, communities, of course I can say Pligg & redit is more established.

    So salute to its author.

    One feature that I would like to know if it has (but I have no idea how to enable it) or does not have yet, about OExchange feature.

    I think it should be very simple for HotaruCMS Author to implement is to support OExchange.

    With this, all website owner can let their users to submit their URL easily with simple link like this:

  2. sachingk

    sachingk Well-Known Member

    Hi watari ,

    I have Done this ...

    Just open submit plug-in and you will find submit1.php in template folder. Now you stat editing.

    Find the line
    $submitted_url = urldecode($h->vars['submitted_data']['submit_orig_url']);
    changed it with the following

    $submitted_url = $h->cage->get->getRaw('url');
    $submitted_url = urldecode($h->vars['submitted_data']['submit_orig_url']);
    Thanks all you are done with it....

    But only problem is the duplicate post deduction. I will deduction the post but don't vote the it automatically.... other wise all other stuff works perfectly...

    Thank you...
  3. watari

    watari New Member

    hi sachingk,

    thanks for your help and i will try it out soon !

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