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HotaruFiltr Freemium Theme

Discussion in 'Themes' started by Stuart, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Author: Future Plan Media
    Created on: 13/02/2011
    Last Updated: 21/02/2011
    Tested on: Hotaru 1.4.2
    Plug & Play: Yes
    Supported: Yes

    SVN: https://www.assembla.com/code/hotarufiltr/subversion/nodes
    Demo: DesignFiltr Live Demo
    NOTE: Please do not post test posts or comments on DesignFiltr as it is a live working site for design news only. If you want to test the theme out make a genuine comment related to the content or post a link related to the subject matter otherwise they will be deleted. Thanks

    Freemium grade HotarCMS theme with many options and a modern design. Read more details about this themes on our blog HotaruFiltr

    HotaruFiltr Features

    HotaruFiltr has some fantastic options that we have listed below.

    • jQuery Powered WordPress Like Theme Settings Page
    • jQuery Lazy Image Load for Post Images, Avatars and Vote Button Image
    • Facebook Like Sidebar Block
    • Twitter Tweets Sidebar Block (With cached results)
    • Dynamic Tabbed Top And Upcoming Stories Sidebar Block
    • 300px Wide Advertising Sidebar Block
    • ShareThis Post Page Intergration
    • Google Analytics Intergration

    1. Download the attached .zip file, unzip it and put the hotarufiltr folder in content/themes/
    2. Now put the plugins folder in content/
    2. Admin Panel -> Theme Settings: HotaruFiltr -> Activate it
    3. Admin Panel -> Plugin Settings: Widgets -> Enable any widgets you want to use
    4. Admin Panel -> Maintenance -> empty the css/js and HTML cache folders
    5. View the home page and if necessary do a hard refresh with CTRL+F5

    Activate The Plugins
    • Domain Results
    • Follow
    • Post Images
    • Save Post
    • Tweet This
    • Who Voted

    Configure Post Images Plugin
    Set the width of the image to 66px and the height of the image to 66px.

    Revision History
    Version 1.0.2 | 21/02/2011 Fix for sidebar tabbed posts widget php errors, added Top All Time Tab. (2,728 downloads)
    Version 1.0.1 | 14/02/2011 - Fix for conflict of dropdown menu css with hotarus default theme :)
    Version 1.0 | 13/02/2011 - First release

    Please click "Rate Thread" and give this theme a rating. Thank you.

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    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
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  2. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    Well done! Awesome work!
  3. scrt

    scrt New Member

    Stuart, glance at theme a while back. Just finish major PHP hack. Looking at forum to learn more. Then came across your theme. Excellent to learn from. Tx u and guess this will be first download on theme. Class act design and appreciate the man hours spent on design decision making.

    If anyone come across a theme that is more than color change, moving things around, please PM. That is why I am taking a peek at this theme. Like drop down box for 24, 7, .. 365 days to save on real estate. Like who posted, how long ago being a footer to thus have major related together. Rounded edge design buzz. Have key features like analytic for site owner decision making. Will look at some plugin that I did not think much. Will discover more as I look deeper for it looks like it is fill with surprise. Nice learning material on theme design. Glad u took out the red in your site for I have aesthetic reason (incident of seizure in games (epilepsy), color overload on the synapse, color blindness).

    This theme will be in my back burner to study when time permits. Did not look at other themes except KIS, I gave this a 10 out of 10 ((premium class). Tx for sharing.

    PS: Css is not my strong suit and will learn something from u. Css is simple but spend wee hours today to handle my hack display & glad for firebug. Use bold text on the h2 line u mention or smiley for easier spot my changes. Spend an extra 2 minutes to do a diff mentally to see that plugin correction posting. Want to reduce my posting in plugins and thus did not mention but here as a ps.

    Edit: Spent the summer on the ad0b3 line except illustr@t0r, cam3ra raw, and cannot recall the third to improve on my weakness in web design. Can wear about 4 hats in web applications and practical on what I do not have hoping dr3amweaver will assist but cannot use (understanding) to rely on my php editor. Illustr@t0r cs5 is the way to go if planning to learn ph0to5hop (power) and did not realize till after the fact. Mention this so others will go in the right direction. tx

    Stuart, they will learn more than changing color and moving things around. U brought to our attention of a header tag not in the container. And that knowledge will be use and to look for similar plugin design oversight. In my wee hours, have feeling post image reference a css line but not define to thus use default (need re-look, busy to think implications and to continue moving on). My hack is complex for me since it involves coding, there css and my css integration with big change meshing together. Have read some css books and more of a back seat driver - very weak. Hotaru, I am tired of shooting myself in the foot (wrong assumption, 2 out of 2 for hotaru).

    Stuart, may I suggest something after looking at your site. Drop down box involving time (24hours, 7, ... 365 days) can u highlight as u mouse over that line. Minor aesthetic for user to know that will be the selected line.

    Newbione: Since 2nd post mention install and minor nuances, do a cache cleanup, hard cleanup (something with F5 and ??), and refresh. My reason is it works for stuart and not for u with the css being the same (no hacking).
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2011
  4. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    Hi Stuart,

    Great work and a great theme. Couple of little issues if you don't mind me mentioning.

    For the sidebar tabs I am getting the following error message(s) displayed:

    Notice: Undefined variable: hotaru in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 23

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 23

    Notice: Undefined variable: hotaru in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 38

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 38

    Notice: Undefined variable: hotaru in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 51

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/sites/xxx/public_html/content/themes/xxx/widget_story_tabs.php on line 51

    Also the actual drop down menu is dropping down fine however it is blank until you hover of it, by blank I mean white, when you hover it then shows the text and the background image.

    Any help appreciated.


  5. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Hi Ben,

    We tested the theme on IE8, FireFox, Opera And Chrome and didn't get any of these errors whilst installing, I will have a look for you when I get today's work finished and see if I can figure out why these errors are being thrown at your install ;)

  6. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Hi scrt,

    Im overjoyed that you like the theme and yes there were many man hours after our daily workload to develop the design and get it out into the community. I'm also ecstatic that you have downloaded the theme to learn from as thats why we released it for free so others can reuse the code and hopefully improve on it and build some fantastic Free Hotaru themes.

    Thanks for the kind words as we appreciate the recognition for our time spent developing HotaruFiltr. ;)

  7. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    No Worries stuart, have looked back into this all the sidebar errors are ok now, after a complete new install. However the menu still has the same issue which is weird as on yours it is fine. I even cheekily copied your CSS file on Design Filtr to see if there were any differences and nowt so far.
  8. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Hi Ben,

    Do you have a url to your site and i will happily take a look at it for you?

  9. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    Hi Stuart

    The URL in question is http://appitize.me forgot to ask is it ok to remove the footer link as I have done already but can put it back on if you require it.


  10. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Hi Ben,

    Okay first thing is you have to many top level categories in place and the menu is stretched out and doubling up underneath with Finance and Game Apps categories.

    The menu colours may have something to do with this although they could be completely unrelated and maybe something to do with the CSS as it looks to be pulling the default themes menu css too?, if you can shorten your top level menus to have more sub categories and be less of them we can take it from there :)

    As for the footer links It would be nice if you could find you way to leaving them in place as a thank you for our and the Hotaru teams hard work, although not set in stone and by no means enforced by myself a little link love for our hard work would be appreciated ;)

    Now go and make those cats more concise :p

    PS if you use Skype you can the link which should be in my signature.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2011
  11. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    You can now get the latest development updates to the theme via the supplied SVN link in the first release post. A tutorial on using SVN http://www.igorexchange.com/node/87

    I will hopefully be improving this theme as time allows as I'm sure there are things we could have done better code wise, Also this should lead to improving other aspects of Hotaru itself like more css classes inside certain modules to help with the theming process, if we change any modules for theming they will always be uploaded to the Hotaru forums for other to benefit from.

    One of the first things we will be looking at improving in this theme is the way it handles hotarus default widgets, at the moment we found it very hard to theme individual widgets with this design in Hotaru. This was mostly due to us wanting to add additional css styling divs around individual widget output as some widgets seem to group themselves together. Hopefully in the future we can work with the developers on a way of easily inserting additional divs around each individual widget body, that's if a solution that we don't yet know about doesn't already exist.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2011
  12. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    Hi Stuart unfortunately not on skype (had a bad experience with it, wont bore you with the details) with ref to a link I would prefer to have some natty looking images of your site and hotaru that are grey until they are hovered on.

    Take a quick ganders at the site now you will see what I meant earlier about the drop down. Also I have notice that when you go to the bookmarking plugin settings under 'Page type to show as default' if you choose anything other than 'popular' it throws the user menu at the very top of the site completely out, actually it was like that when you visited as I had the page set to 'upcoming' for default.

    If there is a less time consuming way to converse I am up for popping you an email, rather than taking up Nicks board!!!
  13. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Do you use googletalk ben?
  14. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    just downloaded it will try it out pm me your details
  15. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    V1.0.1 OF HotaruFiltr is avaailable for download. It fixes a bug with the dropdown menu css of hotarufiltr conflicting with the default theme proveded by hotarucms.

    If your using v1.0 of the theme you category dropdown menus will look messed up v1.0.1 fixes this. ;)
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  16. waclavr

    waclavr New Member

    Problem with side bar?
    How can i fix it ?

  17. Stuart

    Stuart Well-Known Member

    Hi waclavr,

    Can you provide some more details of your problem please as "Problem with sidebar" is far too vague for me to provide you with any help.

  18. waclavr

    waclavr New Member

    Hi Stuart.
    I have installed fresh Hotaru then i have installed HotaruFiltr Freemium Theme as well as the plugins that are needed and im reciving error with the side bar. I have been doing it 3 times and i dont know where i m making a mistake.
  19. scrt

    scrt New Member

    In HotaruFiltr.Theme.v.1.0.1, u provided two folders. One folder is call plugin and the other folder is call theme. Can u rename that folder call theme to be Stuart or FPM Web Design 1. In this manner, user can select that theme in theme settings. Basically, u have not really name your theme (theme) aside from calling the folder theme.

    it means u are a design company offering your services. Base on the work done, I am happy to say Stuart is a certified theme designer and maybe more. tx

    PS: I use the number 1 to signify there can be more rather than not providing a number. Design a theme and name it after yourself or company.

    IMHO, please do proper error reporting so Stuart can save time to understand.

    Enviroment: Hotaru version
    Plugin and version number. Hiarchy of plugin. ie In plugin management, what install plugin are shown reading across each line with mention of plugin like line 1 apple, grape, orange. The following next line (line 2 sushi, saki, tempura).

    Rather than saying plugin apple works and now apple does not work has no meaning since it is not reported in a technical manner. For eg, applie 1.0 and now apple 1.1 is a crucial piece of info. Support can see u are using the latest apple while u did not prior to wonder if apple 1.1 install properly or apple 1.1 problem. Or install apple 1.1 with the basic theme to see if it is working. And then install Stuart's design to thus report to the appropriate person. Basically, if u cannot deduce, please mention the exact steps u do things. rather than saying u do clean install or try x times with no details on the how do u define clean. This helps the programmer or designer to trouble-shoot there work.

    Did u hack the code and not mentioning can be frustrating for an ITperson (designer, programmer) when u claim there is a problem on the creator work. Please provide all and necessary info in technical details (like the version number, steps done to implement, observation, relevant details, etc).

    In closing, if u use his work, please make a donation. If he spends lots of time on a free product to troubleshoot something that is your fault, please make a donation for consultation time (I consider it equivalent to paid services). Personally, I will make a small donation to Hotraru as a sign of respect for using his product. My ration, he could have charge for his product, dam good product, and I support GNU. And as time goes on, I will make another gesture. Stuart donated by supporting Hotaru with his theme design. Please donate to appropriate in your humble way. tx

    PS: Evaluated t0rtoise with my htdoc folder. T0rtoise browser showing clean(a) then uninstall(b) it, clean registry ((c) by 2 supplier) & un-necessary file(d) {I use 2 recommended suppliers tools}, reinstall t0rtoise(e) to find it retains some info on htdoc (folder colored icons). Force to do a restore point and will get my friend business version for that is backup. I am from a panvalet svn background with operation doing magic for me. T0rtoise is a very good product & my mistake was evaluate with the htdoc folder & not having proper imaging backup utility. Moral, image backup prior or do not use your htdoc to evaluate for it remembers everything even if reinstall. A technical person might say reboot window between step d and step e (when u write, u keep track of what u did, recall with certainty, and conclude a missing step).

    Edit: Danny read the sticky for Hotrau CMS documentation. http://docs.hotarucms.org/
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  20. Dannyb

    Dannyb New Member

    Hi Stuart

    great theme, its pretty much what I've been looking for for a new website I want to build. I'm completely knew to all of this though and was wondering if you knew of any documentation I could read on how to actually get the site up and running based on your theme?

    Once I get the basic gyst I should be fine...but I'm stumped as a complete newbie looking to learn hotaru.

    I have the Theme activated but how do I get the sections setup? I read that there are no pages in HotaruCMS? but looking at appitize.me they have sections like register, top 24 horus, education, login etc etc do I need to create each individual page for each sub-section or are their some templates of these I can use? as I have no idea how to set up registering and login pages.

    I could be way out of my depth here but as I say am eager to learn it. Appeitize.me and the screen shots of your theme look the same so I assumed the pages on appitize.me were copied somehow from the theme?

    I appreciate your time. Thanks again Danny

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