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How do I use the wiki documentation effectively.

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by scrt, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. scrt

    scrt New Member

    0) While reading the forum, I would see a mention of a link (http://docs.hotarucms.org/Designing_around_Plugin_Hookr). Given time, I might find another link to state my point below if this link is not a good example.

    Clicking on that link, I am sent to Main Documentation

    1) A new user would be overwhelm to see this for they do not know what to click. All they wanted to see, info for that link (instead I am given a main menu and to ask what to do.- I do not see the topic Designing Around Plugin Hoooks).

    2) Let say u do a search on that topic mention in the link (hope new user would know to do that), he might be given that info. Or nothing available for that but please add some info to wiki (not exact wording). Thus, where is the info mention in step 0. Gotten lots of where is the info for I am into Hotaru since it is very good.

    3) When I first became a member of Hotaru, I came across this page and was happy to get info. Now, for a newbie, how can they be lucky as I.
    Since I am lucky to discover Working WIth Hotaru documentation, I am tempted to ask what more did I not discover by accident. Interested in NIck writing and appreciate material mention of important must read stuff. I am on page 7 of his posted material.

    4) U might say search will cover. But sometimes it is hard to find since no info but u can write for this topic. Hey, I am trying to find info and not write I encounter numerous times. Most people do a search is looking for info and not to write since we are not as inform on Hotaru. Can we make life easier on do u want to write on this wiki. Actually, who writes for wiki when it is community written - so new and thus only iNick?

    5) In conclusion, How about some
    It is for people who wants to read but do not know what to type and thus rely on community or another user searches (Lo, less typing).
    Hmm, just discover random.

    I am trying to find info on how to add a page ( I saw prior in Documentation and trying to do a second or third read) and I want it to be part of the main navigation. For eg, TOS or FAQ page. Mind u, I did a search in forum and seekyt provided some info. Doing the first one is hard and I am trying to put the pieces together. Choice of finding info is time consuming or spend the time studying the module to deduce. Hmm, hard choice for I am still searching since I am careless with material if not use immediately. Will deduce for needed but it is just like pulling teeth. tx
    Edit: http://docs.hotarucms.org/index.php...index_php=Setting_the_Home_Page&printable=yes
    re-found, involves new page. Will relook in morning when alert. Seekyt, tx and implemented navigation & new page. Have not made the big jump to plugin with template and language.

    Nick, should ramble less for when I have a question that u might answer, u might not look. Thus,
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011

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