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How does the unvote voting method work?

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by nothingman, Nov 20, 2009.


Should un-voting a post below the "Top Post" threshold send it back to "Latest"?

  1. Yes, return it to the "Latest" page

  2. No, leave it on the "Top" page

  1. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Hotaru's voting system has an unvote button included, so here's a quick question on how the unvote works.
    Say, I set the no of votes for a story to hit the front page to 5 votes and if someone 'unvotes' his/her vote (resulting in the vote count of the story to 4 votes). What would happen in such a scenario? Will the story be sent 'back' to the upcoming page?
    I remember we had this unvote option in swcms, but all it did was decrease the vote count of the story (with the same scenario as above).
    EDIT: Is voting IP specific? I really love the way meneame does this (where I believe voting is IP specific). If voting were IP specific, it would be a good deterrent for desperate members who would register twice (maybe thrice) with different usernames to vote for their own story.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2009
  2. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Good question. Currently it works the same way as with SWCMS, i.e. it doesn't return a post to the "Latest" page.

    I've added a poll to this thread so people can vote on how they would like it to work.
  3. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Sorry, I edited my first post to add another query
  4. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    No, it's not IP specific. Wouldn't that prevent people in the same house, office or classroom from being able to vote on the same story?
  5. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong. But two different computers from the same house/office have different IP addresses. Isn't it?
  6. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

  7. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    It is not correct...
    If you use a single router, and a shared connection with that, you'll have same IP on all PC connected with it.
    For a different IP from a LAN Office/Home, you need to have a router which manage different IP provides from ISP.
  8. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development


    I hope definitely no.
    Imagine this situation: a really great article from a blog was promoted in TOP. A concurrent blog made a similar post, but with IP changer, proxy or friends, decide to unfair demote the first article for driving traffic on his article... I think this is uncorrect.

    It's however a deterrent to create unfair groups of people to drive traffic on their site.
  9. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    Then why have the 'unvote' option at all - Is it there just to decrease the vote count? Is that the only purpose? *scratches head*
  10. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    I think it's just for people who change their mind, but anyway, I've attached a file with changes to automatically "demote" a post if its vote count drops below the threshold. I tested it and it seemed to work okay. Replace the vote_simple_functions.php file with the attached file and give it a test. Note that you have to reload the page after voting.

    I haven't decided whether to implement this into the Vote Simple plugin, but if I do, I'll make it an option.

    Edit: I've made this an option in Vote Simple settings. It will be part of the next batch of changes.

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