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How have you discovered Hotaru CMS?

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by Hobbis, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hobbis

    Hobbis Translation & Marketing

    Welcome to our newest members of Hotaru CMS forums. We are glad you are with us here and you are interested in using this system. We do hope you will be satisfied with all features Hotaru offers to you and we wish you all the best.:)

    You have come here from various places in the world. For us it is very interesting to learn where did you receive the first info about Hotaru or better said how have you discovered that this CMS is worth of your time and attention. That is why we kindly ask you to share your experience with us in this thread. All details are valuable, because we hope your stories would give us a lot of inspirations how to be more successful in our efforts of spreading a word about Hotaru. By the way if you wish you can always do this personally by visiting now Support Hotaru CMS thread and voting and commenting on review websites where Hotaru is already presented. You are more than welcomed to support Hotaru and we thank you in advance for doing this.:)

    So, please tell us now what was your ?path to Hotaru?? And don?t forget to share your brilliant fresh ideas about efficient promotion of our CMS.

    Good luck.
  2. rpermana

    rpermana Donor Donor

    Before Hotaru CMS, I was with Pligg. However, Pligg is too expensive for me, because most plugin is not free and it is not as user friendly as Hotaru CMS.

    So I was searching for other Digg-like script via Google search and found Hotaru CMS.
    On my first installation, I was given a pack of plugins which might cost me more than $100 in Pligg. I was so lucky that I found Hotaru CMS before investing too much on Pligg.

    Another great thing about Hotaru CMS is the support I received in forum. Nick is just like a 24/7 support robot and friendly. So, thumbs up for Hotaru CMS :D
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  3. Webmason

    Webmason New Member

    I was Googling for an alternative to Pligg or Drigg. Started reading about hotaru and it sounded perfect.
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  4. Kamyar

    Kamyar New Member

    Exactly same as Webmason.
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  5. kiranheartbeats

    kiranheartbeats New Member

    I used Pligg in many sites but devasted by the resource. I have to pay high price for important modules. We should wait more than 3-4 months for free templates but i get everything same in hotaru for free and its easily expandable.

    Thank you.
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  6. Kamyar

    Kamyar New Member

    + Every now and then, serious security vulnerabilities are being discovered in Pligg.
  7. echocron

    echocron New Member

    I Googled for social bookmarking platforms for my site. I discovered Hotaru, Pligg and some others but Hotaru seemed the friendliest. I launched my web site www.recipe-saver.com rather quickly using Hotaru and I'm very pleased.
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  8. sachingk

    sachingk Well-Known Member

    I Googled for Digg like website CMS. I found Pligg and Hotaru . I started coding over pligg but soon found that it's not so easy and it has too many bugs. I think I was impressed by the pligg website design.Later I just moved to hotaru. This CMS has more features than pligg.

    Suggestions :

    1) I think Home page of Hotaru website has to be changed. You may need to include the list of features.This CMS has all set of features but for a new visits it is very hard to find. Please have a look at Simple Machine Feature Page Here

    2) You may also provide details of spam control features of the CMS. Pligg is spammy.
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  9. tom.k

    tom.k New Member

    I was looking for a Digg like platform which is easy to extend. My first stop was with Pligg, then after some further investigations I came across Hotaru. Now, I am trying to get familiar with Hotaru.
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  10. js555

    js555 New Member

    A friend told me about it, when i proposed him to do a website similar to another one who was already running hotaru, but about different topics
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  11. AirShip

    AirShip New Member

    I found Hotaru almost a year ago by googling around for alternatives to pligg. Just now getting around to trying Hotaru out
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  12. planbman

    planbman New Member

    Man, how did I discover Hotarucms? Is was certainly love at first sight when we finally met, but how did we meet? It was simply destiny. I have come here after many weeks of failure after failure at the hand of evil Drupal, wanker Joomla! and buggy Pligg. It was only three days ago when I finally saw my error and embraced Hotareucms--thank God for the chance meeting! I am happy now and busy at work building some thing small for my self and community. Thank you all for the sweet plug-ins that are now making my life livable again, thank youuuu brothers and sisters.
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  13. dragon

    dragon New Member

    I also found Hotaru on Google.
    I'd like to suggest that you get Hotaru listed on sites like comparecms
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  14. Hobbis

    Hobbis Translation & Marketing

  15. wopwops

    wopwops Donor Donor

    I found Hotaru searching Google for Pligg alternatives.

    Thanks Hotaru core and plugin developers!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2011
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  16. drvosjeca

    drvosjeca New Member

    I was searching and searching for alternative to Pligg and finaly found Hotaru. I was so glad about this and cant wait to try it out on full scale :)
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  17. planbman

    planbman New Member

    Welcome drvosjeca, you are at home here. I am also new and getting much love from the brothers ans sisters here. People here are really cool. Good luck!
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  18. jimbo2120

    jimbo2120 New Member

    Hi there, I happened across Hotaru just surfing the web. I was so impressed I did a view source to see the name of the software (this before I noticed the Hotaru link on the bottom :) ). Great software, innovative design, fast and efficient. Thanks!
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  19. krankdroid

    krankdroid New Member

    i have used pligg.. not flexible enough.. looked at the reddit source.. gave up.. this is by far the best alternative i have seen..
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  20. UrTagz

    UrTagz New Member


    After hours of research and several headaches later. Tried pligg and quickly bailed from that project. Found this site and dove into this cms. So far it this is the exact solution I was looking for.

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