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How have you discovered Hotaru CMS?

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by Hobbis, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. simon

    simon New Member

    I think am new to this cms.
    I tell you it look good but how do you download it. I have tried from the forum but just a single file is coming.how do you get this.

    i googled and i was looking for a social cms that does some good work like digg and here i am but i have not been able to download it yet
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  2. rmckin6412

    rmckin6412 New Member

    I too had taken a hard look at Pligg. Found some sweet reviews about Hotaru (also looked at Drigg and Social CMS) and decided on Hotaru.

    Just installed it on http://cooking.edu.pl/

    Nothing there now except the blank installation. Went very smooth and quick. So impressed.

    Did have a question on the database prefix. It kind of threw me. My databases are prefixed with my username as in

    So when I created a database "hotaru" it becomes xxxxxxxx_hotaru

    I tried this prefix xxxxxxxx_hotaru and it did not work

    I tried this prefix xxxxxxxx_ and it worked like a champ.

    Still somewhat confused.

    Great product so far!


  3. shuvro

    shuvro New Member

    i found hotaru by searching "faves.com like bookmarking CMS" via google
  4. angelinaparker86

    angelinaparker86 New Member

    i goggling and found hotaru :)
  5. lada.got

    lada.got New Member

    Hotaru is a great CMS.

    A friend of my brother told me about told me about the benefits of hotaru.
  6. SunSeven

    SunSeven New Member

    I have been using pligg with not very desirable results. Then I read about Hotaru on some forums. I am very impressed with the design and functions. I have downloaded Hotaru, but I need help in installing it on my site. I couldn't do it following the docs and other install instructions myself. Not very tech-wise :) Can you suggest someone, please?

    Best Regards
  7. tombr

    tombr New Member

    Maybe if you could tell us where are you having trouble, some people here could help you out. Is it setting up the database? or something else?
  8. tombr

    tombr New Member

    I was looking for a social bookmarking script and found Pligg. I spent some time viewing their forums, etc.. the smarty templates was a little disappointing but I was almost going to install it, I had already downloaded it but then accidentally I found Hotaru doing a search and changed my mind and installed it instead. You can check it at: http://www.voxr.com.br/
  9. mneodor87

    mneodor87 New Member

    I'm pretty much the same. I found it after being so frustrated with Pligg and trying to find an alternative. Hotaru is almost perfect.

    What's next though?
  10. askari

    askari New Member

    i Googled ''open source cms'' then i clicked the forst page opensourcecms.com, from there i discovered Hotaru CMS.

    So far I like it, have to see if I get and use on my websites.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2011
  11. bucigv

    bucigv Active Member

    I have several sites with pligg, but I have problems with my hosting company because database was too large and made too much queries which made problems at my shared hosting account. After several tickets ( database access suspended - Please note this account was suspended because due to database usage and not CPU load. Our experience shows that the pligg script does not use database resource efficiently and would benefit from the ability to perform database caching but such an option does not exist for pligg to my knowledge), I've decided to find solution. I've googled problem and I found review at one forum ( I don't remember the name, sorry ) for your program and at this moment I'm transfer everything from my old pligg to Horatu. It's a little bit slow, but I hope that finally I've find solution for my problem.
    When I'll finish I'll share my experience about this transfer with other people.
  12. Polo Kina

    Polo Kina New Member

    I'm running a website based on pligg... While I appreciate pligg and it's community, I wasn't too crazy about it. I started searching for alternatives and stumbled upon HotaruCMS. It's easy to understand and customize, good documentation, extremely flexible and truly modular. I couldn't be happier and I'm in the middle of moving my site from pligg to Hotaru. On a negative note, I hear few people mentioning it on being abandoned/dead... I hope it's not true and if it is, why is that happening? I'd appreciate you wonderful people's response...
  13. lakeishamarsh

    lakeishamarsh New Member

    google search
  14. lakeishamarsh

    lakeishamarsh New Member

    then after i also found a friend of mine on the forum
  15. Tippa

    Tippa New Member

    I googled for and alternative to tikiwiki and found pligg, but I was not convince. I finaly had a look back to the list of CMS software gallery displaid to Hostgator customers, and found Hotarus CMS There.
  16. romancos

    romancos New Member

    it was offered as a part of the hosting package oh hostgator.com

    Good choice I see...
  17. vetsols

    vetsols Active Member

    I own a web hosting company. I was browsing through Softaculous AutoInstaller I have configured on my server. I am going to be installing it on a dead site that I own to check it out.
  18. goondaba

    goondaba New Member

    I stumbled onto hotaru cms recently (from one list or the other listing various CMSs) .. It does look very very promising. However, have folks posting here observed that the project seems somewhat quiet, as in no longer being advanced ? .. Seems funding is the primary issue, as I read in another thread.

    Can those of us posting here on how much better it is than pligg, drigg, reddit, etc .. put our monies where our mouths are .. and see how we can support this project so it does not die away? Just a thought ..
  19. quimbox

    quimbox New Member

    Exactly same :)
  20. Medrah

    Medrah New Member

    Mon H?bergeur au Maroc HEBERFACIL.COM
    My host in Morocco HEBERFACILE.COM

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