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How to block some keyword not to posting in HotaruCMS

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by forexhash, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. forexhash

    forexhash New Member

    Actually my question is that in Pligg it was Spam Trigger that was killing some keyword like Sex,Ass, Escort, and many more that Google its self did not like,

    So I want to know, Is it any plugin is avaiable in HotaruCMS that will automatically kill that post which have some suspicious keyword that are banned, In Pligg it was easy with Spam Trigger, But now I have moved totally on HotaruCMS, So no Idea, If some one please help me in this regard,

    Because A lot of peoples are submitting on my website with Escort keyword,

    Need serious help...
  2. newjobnow

    newjobnow New Member

    There's a couple of solutions:

    1. There is a Blocked.php file which automatically excludes certain things (ip address, email, URL, username) in /wwwroot/libs that you can modify to include blocking certain post titles.

    2. The Tags plugin has the ability to exclude certain keywords. You could put those into the tags exclude by logging into Hotaru Admin, clicking "Tags" under "Plugin Settings" and typing in the words you want to exclude (i.e. escort, sex, xxx, etc.). Most post bots fill in the tags field, so this would stop the majority of them.

    3. Modify your form submit values to be something cryptic. Some of the form object names are named what they are. For example, the Submit plugin (which is used for posting posts) has a form field named "post_content" which is where the description will go. Most post bots will look for a keyword in the form value (i.e. post_content) then use that to auto post. If you rename that field to a113 instead of post_content, the bots will not know what the field is and skip it. You'd need to make this modification for each field in the Submit plugin forms, then make sure that you've updated the SubmitFunctions file in /content/plugins/submit/libs/ as well as everywhere else those form fields are used in Hotaru.

    In short - it takes work to block automated/inappropriate posts but it's not too difficult and once you do it should stop.

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