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How to make no follow links and open in new windows

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by jaffarhusain2010, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. jaffarhusain2010

    jaffarhusain2010 New Member

    How to make no follow links
    in normal condition it is
    as we click on post list tile it goes to post detail page
    and when click on the title of post detail page it goes to the original site in the same windows and leave our site.
    my basic question is this that is here any way or plugin so that when a visitor click on title in post detail page it will be as no follow link and also open in new windows so that visitor can view the original site and also do not leave my site.

  2. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Users can choose how they want links to open (same or different tab) from their own settings page (accessible from the profile). The admin can change the default from Admin -> User Manager -> Edit default user settings.

    To make your links dofollow or nofollow, you'll need to edit the links in the bookmarking templates.
  3. jaffarhusain2010

    jaffarhusain2010 New Member

    Nick i am happy to see quick reply from you
    will you please describe which file or files i have to edit or if you can give me some hint it will be more helpful to me.
    i want to change links as in tweeter
  4. js555

    js555 New Member


    remove nofollow from there
  5. jaffarhusain2010

    jaffarhusain2010 New Member

    may be i can not explain so i try again
    in my site www.u2ugsm.in when we click on a link it shows the origional link of the site like


    but in digg.com it is like

    so i want to change the origional links as

    and when som one click on the link it goes to origional contant site but in houre link show my site name


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