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how to read custom fields under bookmarking plugin

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by narc, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    there is an elegant possibility to output the user custom fields under bookmarking plugin. or do I always rewrite the core of the plugins. is somewhat impractical when there is a new plugin update.

    for example I would like to spend the full name in the post. instead of the user name. I have always been the core plugin rewritten.
  2. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    You're editing the bookmarking.php file?
  3. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    in my live version, yes. only it is quite inelegant I think. Therefore, the question whether it is better. when I'm done with the update to 1.5.x hotaru (hopefully).
  4. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    The idea is to only have to customise the template files, which you by dragging them into your theme. This means you dont lose your changes when there is an update.

    You should not have to change the core plugin code

    However, if there is some data you cant access in the template then let us know and we can consider making it available
  5. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    I know that with the templates. I'm using. and love it :)
    I have over 25 custom field per user. post at each output fields up to 20th with the update to 1.5.1 hotaru are still some fields are added.

    therefore it would be very nice if I can repeat the process with the plugin files as with templates.
  6. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    There are three ways to customize Hotaru without editing core files in either Hotaru or plugins:

    1. Customize templates by copying them from plugin template folders into your own theme.

    2. Customize plugin core files by adding or overriding functions with a new plugin that extends the original.

    3. Make your own version of the plugin. You don't have to use existing plugins. You can make your own to replace them.
  7. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    If you have data in the custom fields, the bookmarking plugin should be reading the user data and return this. You can then display it in your custom template. Is the data not available?

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