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If your site gets no link love then change your rel link

Discussion in 'General Troubleshooting' started by James Stein, May 30, 2010.

  1. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    Good thing I decided to add the add-to-any code to my post that will show, I found out the links are no follow.. Not a good thing, that is bad, especially when linking to your own sites...

    For those that plan on using this as a private network to link through your own sites and cross link everything. Make sure you edit content/plugins/sb_base/templates/sb_post.php

    <a href='<?php echo $h->post->origUrl; ?>' <?php echo $h->vars['target']; ?> class="click_to_source" rel="nofollow"><?php echo $h->post->title; ?></a>
                <a href='<?php echo $h->post->origUrl; ?>' <?php echo $h->vars['target']; ?> class="click_to_source" rel="dofollow" title="<?php echo $h->post->title; ?>"><?php echo $h->post->title; ?></a>
    Ok sb_list.php has the same nofollow, this means you inner pages would have a hard time getting indexed.. Well by google anyways since they are the only ones that use the nofollow junk...

    Here is the line that needs replaced in sb_list.php
    <a href='<?php echo $h->post->origUrl; ?>' <?php echo $h->vars['target']; ?> class="click_to_source" rel="dofollow" title="<?php echo $h->post->title; ?>"><?php echo $h->post->title; ?></a>
    Edited: Just notice the link is also lacking the title on mouse over so I added that to the code also. This is good for SEO...

    Hey Nick, are there any other nofollow tags in this script ???

    Last edited: May 30, 2010
  2. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Yikes, don't do that! That would be very silly since your changes would be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

    Golden rule: Never edit plugin templates, CSS, JavaScript or language files.

    If you need to edit something, copy those files into your own theme folder and edit them there.

    Which script? Hotaru? No. The SB Base plugin? Only the above. They were added to those templates just recently because social bookmarking sites attract unimaginable amounts of spam.

    Links put in comments automatically get "nofollow" added, but that proved problematic when editing them so has been dropped for the next version.
  3. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    lol .. Ok .... Well I need dofollow on mine as my sites are private, no user registration, no comments, or any of that junk.. Only members of my article marketing tools sites can post..

    My authors articles will be auto syndicated through Rss to the proper cats and then I will code a module for them to use in my bookmarking submitter to post bookmarks in the bookmark category.

    All links lead back to my sites, except the bookmarks and those can be dofollow I don't mind sharing the link love...


  4. xhotaru

    xhotaru New Member

    so how to add dofollow links?
  5. James Stein

    James Stein New Member

    You don't .. rip out the no follow, it is bad for SEO unless you have all this money for marketing or you have a popular site... I warn you though, if you have a public site that anyone can register at, you will get spammers by having no "no follow" tag..

    All my sites are private, only my members can post to them so ripping out that no follow tag works great for me...

  6. xhotaru

    xhotaru New Member

    Thanks James!

    I've read Nick's comment and thought there might be another solution as well.

    Actually there was a problem after installing sb_base plugin. Suddenly the time filers got doubled. Screenshot:


    Any idea how to fix this?
  7. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    SB Base is an old plugin that hasn't been used since Hotaru 1.2. Uninstall it and your problem will go away.
  8. xhotaru

    xhotaru New Member


    I though so because the plugin doesn't have any relevant features whatsoever.

    So again to my question - how to have dofollow links without SB Base?
  9. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Ah, yeah, sorry. Same as James' instructions in the first post, only the templates are in the Bookmarking plugin and called bookmarking_post.php and bookmarking_list.php.
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  10. koosmooi

    koosmooi New Member

    I guess I found that the files to be modified, bookmarking_post.php and bookmarking_list.php, are located in:

    modifying the ones in:

    didn't work for me.


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