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[Jobs] Install Hotaru for $$

Discussion in 'Requests for Paid Services' started by zigstonk, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    Anyone interested in installing Hotaru for me, let me know your price. Too much to do, too little time. Reasonable pricing please.

    Will give you temporary FTP access to install. Half $$ up front, rest at completion of job to satisfaction.

    Like the HotaruFiltr theme...great if you can customize a bit, but not critical. In the end, I must be able to post both videos and photos with NO issues. I use Hostgator.

    thanks for the consideration.
  2. pravat231

    pravat231 New Member

    I am PHP programmer having more than 4yrs of experience and i do freelancing

    Hello Sir,

    I have gone through your requirement and i think i would be greatfull if you prefer me to do this job for you here i don't mention any qoutes but before giving you the quotes i like to introduce myself with my projects so if you agree with my proposal then please note down my personal email id for further communication.


    I am available any time so if you want to me to do this job then please send me an email to the above mentioned email address.

  3. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    Hi Pravat...sent you an email. thanks.
  4. pravat231

    pravat231 New Member

    Sent you an mail regarding hotaru

    Hi Zigstonk,

    Sent you an mail to your gmail id plz check it.

  5. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    Just wanted to let everybody know that Pravat did a great "basic install" job for a site that's just getting off the ground. He was very responsive to all emails and input, and I recommend him based on these experiences.
  6. pravat231

    pravat231 New Member

    Thanx a lot Tudd.

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