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Intense Debate 0.1

Intense Debate

  1. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    petsagouris submitted a new resource:

    Intense Debate - Intense Debate

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. done

    done New Member

    WOW good job, I like how hotaru is getting all the plugins really essential for a good wordpress site, which makes for an awesome hotaru platform experience. Quick question, (sorry my testing platform broke) I assume normal users and intense debate can't interact at the same time, so users would only register if they wanted to submit stuff right?
  3. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    Correct. This is as far as I could go. If you know of a way to make the users that are logged in the Intense Debate to be able to submit content then please enlighten me.
  4. done

    done New Member

    Damn I was about to edit the post as I tested it, but I will say again really great plugin. IntenseDebate is super powerful commenting system, and apparently now has its own set of plugins too - crazy. Lack of local comments is deff a shortfall since it means less visible material for google seo, but since I'm not focusing too much on that I will definitely use this. Thank you!

    ADDON: I noticed it doesn't support comment count on the main page (which is pretty important), are you planning on adding that? It doesn't seem too difficult a task, but if you're not, I will see what I can do or maybe add my findings here so the code can be generated (though I admit it will be very much outside of my experience).

    UPDATE: Hmm, I see that the code seems to support comment count on main index page; however it doesn't work for me. I tried changing the !== to !=, but beyond that I'm not sure what else needs changing.

    Am I really the only one with this problem?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  5. done

    done New Member

    something is wrong

    OK, so I have been working on plugin and something is wrong. I cannot display ANYTHING through show_post_extra_fields. I know the comment count code works because when I swapped that with comment list it showed comment count. I have tried with just bookmarking and intense debate plugin activated and still could not get anything to display at show_post_extra_fields, I'm not sure that plugin hook is working at all.
  6. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    Maybe it is that you haven't declared you are going to use the hook in the plugin file header comment.
    Please see more information in the docs for making plugins.
  7. done

    done New Member


    I'm happy you wrote this plugin, but that last response is pretty absurd given this is your plugin. Anyways, I figured out fix:

    (1) change header hook to show_post_extra_fields instead of posts_show_post_extra_fields
    (2) change evaluation of to != from !==
    (3) add background-repeat:no-repeat; to intense_debate.css

    Nick, I also had a ton of frustration because plugins would not change after saving the .php and clearing cache, I had to install and uninstall the plugin from plugin management for changes to take place (I don't know why) - might want to be put that in the documentation as platforms like Wordpress don't require that.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2010
  8. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    When you install a plugin, it registers the hooks in the database. To change those hooks you can either:

    a) upgrade the plugin (i.e. increase the version number and re-enable the plugin); or
    b) re-install the plugin.

    Note 3 in Make your first plugin mentions the need to reinstall the plugin after changing a hook.
  9. done

    done New Member

    Hmm, I've noticed a problem where I will have a "Page not found" in my top right screen when I use this plugin. Any ideas?
  10. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    Is it on one promoted post only ?
  11. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    I haven't looked at the code, but this often happens when there's no return statement in a function after displaying a template. Hotaru eventually falls through to the end and shows the default 404error template.
  12. done

    done New Member

    Page not found

    Wondering if anyone has managed to fix the "Page not found" msg that pops up and hasn't yet posted the fix.

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