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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by Nick, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for coming over to Hotaru.

    You must be curious about what Hotaru is and why we're doing it so let me explain by introducing myself. My name's Nick and I'm the founder of JapanSoc.com, a social bookmarking site for Japan-related news and blogs. It was originally built with Pligg, then moved to Social Web CMS, and has since been customized dramatically, leaving me in a bit of a predicament: Do I stick with SWCMS and try to integrate future changes into it, or do I start from scratch and build a completely new CMS, free from the rigid codebase that is holding back further development?

    Well, I chose the latter and have thrown myself into this new project called Hotaru CMS. My motivation for working away at this is to eventually move JapanSoc from SWCMS to Hotaru. Therefore, you can expect Hotaru to have a suite of plugins that will give it functionality similar to the other social bookmarking platforms. Of course, other people are welcome to make completely different sites with their own plugins and themes.

    Aside from Hotaru, I'm British, but I moved to Japan in 1998 and am a work-at-home dad. Not much else to say really, but please follow my Hotaru blog where I'll be posting my thoughts as I work on Hotaru.

    Now it's your turn, please introduce yourself! :D
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  2. landshark

    landshark New Member

    Hey Nick, I'm coming over from SWCMS. I'm currently using SWCMS to run a barely staying alive site and have plans for another social news site local to the state I live in.

    I was really excited with SWCMS at first things were moving along nicely then sort of died off.

    Hoping this project stays alive, I'm encouraged by the fact that the lead dev is going to be using it on his site which appears to be quite established.

    Anyway I'm not a programmer I stumble through code and try to figure things out as I go. Then unfortunately forget what I did a few days later.

    anyway glad to be here and will try to be helpful where I can.
  3. davidshq

    davidshq Member

    I'm Dave. I was part of the initial SWCMS team and am excited about Hotaru. Nick has been doing a magnificent job thus far. I ran/run a site for Information Technology Professionals - currently built on SWCMS called InformedNetworker.com. Unfortunately, I launched as the economy crash and other obstacles kept me from success - but I've relaunched as a hobby site for now...something I do on nights and weekends. I'm looking forward to switching to Hotaru and beginning to make some code improvements. <g> You can find out just about everything else about me over at davemackey.net.
  4. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    I'm Jon H. aka Catchpen. I agree with Dave, what Nick has done with Hotaru in the last few months is amazing.
    I help out where I can, picking up some skills here and there and then give back what I learned to the open source open source project since that's the way it works :) . So if you think you will be upgrading your Pligg / SWCMS site or starting an entirely new site with Hotaru, I encourage you to stay involved as well!
  5. firestarman

    firestarman New Member

    Hi, I'm Firestarman. I'm pretty much awesome.
    Currently running txj.in (useless)
    and toxicj.net (japanese/asian music sharing)
  6. SoobbyDom

    SoobbyDom New Member

    Hey I'm new

    What's up everyone, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hey. Hopefully I posted this in the right section!
  7. rushnp774

    rushnp774 New Member

    I'm Kyle, and I have a pretty diverse background of computing, business, and psychology. Over the past few weeks, I've been playing around with the social news site software out there (Pligg, Drigg, Socialweb CMS, etc), and every one of them but Drigg has let me down immensely (too bad Drigg isn't being maintained anymore). Anyway, I found Hotaru, and REALLY want to get involved while it's on the ground level and help make it into the best social news platform that exists. You'll be seeing a lot of me around here.
  8. hangbowl

    hangbowl New Member

    i am new in here. im running www.snurf.in
    please visit my site :D
  9. sharkbyteusa

    sharkbyteusa New Member

    Hi, name is Garrett. I'm a (Bio snipped from my twitter account @sharkbyteusa) "Father, Scuba Diver, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Veteran (USCG), Entrepreneur, Student, Small Business Owner". Looking forward to building my Hotaru site. Checked out Hotaru late last year while evaluating the other alternatives which was a pretty negative experience as I'm sure most of you are aware. Hotaru sounded like it was what I was after but ultimately I decided to hold off until it was out of beta and a RSS importer was built. I'm tired of waiting (for importer) so dove in this week, I'm pleased so far. Just getting my feet wet with my theme, finding my way around, hopefully I'll dive into some plugins soon.
  10. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi to all ppl!!!
    Glad to see the community growing!
  11. daveryder

    daveryder New Member

    Hello all, I just wanted to say to Nick and the whole team: y'all have a fantastic project going on here - I love it! Thanks for all the hard work and for putting it out there

    It's all just very cool :)
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2010
  12. gibby

    gibby New Member

    Hi Guys

    I'm Gibby an ESL Teacher living and working in Shanghai.

    Just got a test site up and will play around for a few days and then report back on what happened.

    Looking forward to spending some quality time here...

  13. rushnp774

    rushnp774 New Member

    Welcome Dave! I noticed you're from Catawissa, MO. Where is that? I live in Lee's Summit, just outside of KC. This is a great group of people. Make yourself at home, and ask questions if you need.

    Thanks for joining Gibby! Glad to have you aboard.
  14. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    Welcome Gibby and daveryder. ESL must be a popular trade in Japan wow. Hey Dave I have a black American Strat just like that except it's a lefty. I also just bought a Juno G a workstation few weeks ago, going to attempt some home recording! ..minus the vocals lol.
  15. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi guys, welcome Gibby and daveryder!!!
  16. Ben

    Ben New Member

    Hey, I'm Ben from the UK. I'm currently a Software Engineering student. I do bits of web development here and there, going to give Hotaru a chance on a few projects I have planned :)
  17. ties

    ties Theme & Plugin Development

    I'll also introduce myself, i'm Matthis. It's exactly one month ago when i joined these forums and i've helped some people out here and there.
    Im from the Netherlands and study industrial design at my university build some plugins and theme's but they probably still have a lot of bugs
    i never have followed any programming classes so i was really suprised what i could do with my home taught php and jquery
    i'm trying to set up some sort of freelance webdesign/develop mini-business with some friends to make some money and build a r?sum?
  18. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi Ben, and naturally Matthis welcome aboard!
  19. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, thanks for joining the forums and giving Hotaru a go. We hope that once you get the hang of our little CMS, you'll want to use it as the base for all your future sites! :-D To make that easier, please give us feedback on how to improve the documentation.
  20. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    Hi all,

    My name is John and I'm another British ex-pat; I run a small web company in France.
    I have a few sites running on swcms and pligg and am obviously keen to move them on to a better platform. One swcms site I have in particular is a real pain as it has quite a high user base and has been really straining the VPS. The rest are also spam-magnets!

    I've been familiarising myself with hotaru and have liked what I have seen so far, I'm going to be building a few themes first to get the hang of it before I implement hotaru on my sites.

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