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Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by Nick, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. runnertalk

    runnertalk New Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Patrik and I've been a member here for quite some time now so I thought it might be time to introduce myself.
    I'm a student from Sweden and I'm starting out learning programming with my first programming course finished. Hopefully I will soon be able to constribute with plugins to this great CMS.

    At the moment I don't run any Hotaru sites but I will soon at runnertalk.net and maybe one more that I have in mind. On runnertalk I first used pligg as CMS but in my opinion Hotaru is way much better, plus as I'm just starting out learning programming it feels better to follow the development the CMS from the beginning as I have done with Hotaru.
  2. daveryder

    daveryder New Member

    Hi rush - Catawissa is a very small town southwest of St. Louis, but big enough to rate a wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catawissa,_Missouri

    I see you're near KC, I bet you're a BBQ expert :) - I'm a pretty mean griller myself IMHO lol

    I have to say, I'm working on installing Hotaru on a couple of sites and it's been painless, everything just works which is kind of freaking me out, I'm used to glitches, bugs and the agony of defeat! I'm really impressed with what Nick and you guys have accomplished in so short of time, it's just amazing. I think I'll be going live with a site in about a week, and I'll be sure to let you guys know in case y'all want to check it out, I'm pretty excited about i. If it takes off the way I think (hope) it will it might turn out to be a pretty big thing, which of course will draw a lot of attention to Hotaru: that would be a win/win for everybody :)
  3. louis

    louis New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Louis (father,geek,n00b) I came across Hotaru CMS just by chance while I was searching for a "Delicious / Scuttle" open source application. I was impressed with the Hotaru demo site and forums and decided to sign up, and give Hotaru a closer look. I'm looking to setup a simple social bookmarking site, not sure Hotaru is for me, but look forward to playing around with this CMS.

    /waves to Nick and the Hotaru Community.
  4. rushnp774

    rushnp774 New Member

    Welcome Louis, and thanks for joining us! Always great to have new members.

    I was in the same boat you were about six months ago when I was looking around for Digg clone scripts, and I stumbled upon Hotaru. I've been here ever since. It's amazing how fast it's improving and how much it's changed since I joined. Scary to think about how good it'll be a year or two from now. Hat tip to Nick!

    Enjoy your stay, and ask questions. We're a helpful bunch of people, and with a little time, you'll be a Hotaru CMS expert.
  5. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    /waves back at Louis and everyone else here :)
  6. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi Louis and welcome... after a few try with Hotaru CMS, it will be YOUR social bookmarking site!
  7. louis

    louis New Member

    TGIF... This means time to try out Hotaru CMS

    @rushnp774, Nick, carlo75

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to trying Hotaru out.
  8. GoogleBot

    GoogleBot New Member

    Hi Nick,

    Congratulations for this robust and flexible CMS!

    I'll give it a try

  9. smiera

    smiera New Member

    Hi everyone ! I am a new member of Hotarucms family and want to know more about Hotarucms.
  10. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi smiera and welcome!
  11. Bill_C

    Bill_C New Member

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to replacing my old pligg site!
  12. carlo75

    carlo75 Design & Development

    Hi Bill_C, you're welcome!
  13. narc

    narc Well-Known Member

    so many Pligg-user. well we have nick. well we have hotaru. well we have pligg2hotaru-plugin :)

    ps: still so much work ahead of me. 5 Pligg sites convert and import them into hotaru. 5 custom templates must be edited.
  14. salsan

    salsan New Member

    Salsan Jose from India - A hotaru user

    hi all,

    Its Salsan Jose from India.

    I was struggling with the Pligg to implement some features. But yesterday one of my friend referred this hotaru application. That time itself i have installed and tested it. I did feel like, it is good enough to handle anything. Then i have installed it on my live website: http://www.bookmarks.comn.us/

    Let me tell you a special thanks for the application. :cool:
  15. ebatakzz

    ebatakzz New Member

    Hi , I am Ebatakzz .
    HotaruCMS operates in Japanese !!!
    I want to advertise HotaruCMS for OTAKU and the volunteer.
    Thank you.
  16. Hobbis

    Hobbis Translation & Marketing

    Hi ebatakzz! Welcome aboard!:)
  17. gaurangi.tech

    gaurangi.tech New Member

    Hi All

    I am Chandan Singh From India, I am Working as a Software Developer. I have one Growing CSM Site Using Pligg http://iedig.com, and When I see Hotaru and all features of Hotaru again i decide to launch one another site using Hotaru. Currently I am Customize one template for my Hotaru site. After Launch I will Inform all of you.

    Hobbis likes this.
  18. i4ever

    i4ever New Member

    I'm Madalin and I discovered recently Hotaru CMS.
  19. Hobbis

    Hobbis Translation & Marketing

    Hi Madalin:) Nice to meet you here and a Happy New Year:)
  20. WimTibackx

    WimTibackx New Member


    I'm Wim Tibackx, 17 yr. old student from Belgium. I came across Hotaru CMS searching for a bare-bones cms after getting disappointed by WordPress' bad user management. I'm currently trying to make my first plugins for a website assignment for my thesis. Hotaru looks very promising. I was in fact shocked by the low number of clean cms'. It seems like much of them like to enforce their own contenttypes for some reason. I was already planning to write an own cms, but as it looks now, I'll just use Hotaru instead.

    Looking forward to more Hotaru magic!

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