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MaxsSquare V.1

Discussion in 'Themes' started by UsupNew, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. UsupNew

    UsupNew Active Member

    Version: V.1
    Author: templatemaxs.com
    Created on: 2011/11/15
    Last Updated: 2011/11/15
    Tested on: 1.4.2
    Plug & Play: Yes
    Supported: Yes

    MaxsSquare is a Freemium Hotaru Theme with 3 collumns sidebar, light color and thumbnail images ads on top sidebar 125 X 125 and Adsense 120 X 600, 200 X 200. You can change logo by editing index.php and replace default logo with your logo.

    -Download the attachment zip file, and unzip in content/themes/maxssquare dont forget read ReadMe.txt
    -Go to Admin Panel -> Click in Theme Settings: Maxssquare -> Activate it
    -Go to Admin Panel -> Click in Plugin Settings: Widget -> Enable blocks and manage widget as you prefer [Note: You need the Search plugin installed, but the widget should not be enabled.]
    -Go to Admin Panel -> Maintenance and empty the css/js cache and HTML cache

    Revision History
    Version 1.0 - First Release
    Version 2 Released - Download Now
    Please click "Rate Thread" and give this theme a rating. Thank you.

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    Last edited: Dec 24, 2011
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  2. epoch

    epoch New Member

    Gr8 theme buddy...after a loooooong time
    Can you give color options like this one is totally greenish how abt blue, orange...?
  3. ilovehotaru

    ilovehotaru Active Member

    nice work on the theme, shows how nice you can make a site with Hotaru
  4. epoch

    epoch New Member

  5. UsupNew

    UsupNew Active Member

    What a nice color other than green ...?
  6. epoch

    epoch New Member

  7. GoSERP

    GoSERP New Member

  8. mik

    mik New Member

    Very nice theme. :)
  9. 1stelite

    1stelite New Member

    Nice Theme thanks
  10. bollywoodmastian

    bollywoodmastian New Member

    Nice and excellent theme,nice feature and its colour combinaton is a great.i like it very much,Thanks for sharing.
  11. iwebsite

    iwebsite New Member

    Hi, thanks for the template - very nice indeed; i installed theme and I have few errors;
    1. when I submit an article and that article doesn't provide picture or when the picture is too small;
    2. also i can't to activate friendly urls, if is activated all links are not working;
    3. what about redirect 404 page?
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  12. UsupNew

    UsupNew Active Member

    - Go to Admin panel >> Post Images >> and configure to you need.
    - To use SEO friendly you must Rename htaccess_default to .httaccess
  13. iwebsite

    iwebsite New Member

    it doesn't work - when I rewritte the .htaccess i cann't login again in admin panel
  14. UsupNew

    UsupNew Active Member

    I think no error with this theme but this error on your Hotaru installation, try Reinstall your Hotaru.
    You can see live demo Site Using MaxsSquare V1,
  15. phoenixstudio

    phoenixstudio New Member

    nice.. :)

    im otw make one..
    i'll upload if i manage to finish it.hehe
  16. iwebsite

    iwebsite New Member

    very strange situation with my website http://www.qtrade.ro ; I didn't touch the website for 2 weeks and disappeared the submenu for 2 categories: marketing and tips&tricks...any ideas? ( could be a bug or an external intervention?)
  17. itsaliakber

    itsaliakber New Member

    Please let me know, how do i change advertisespace in your theme?
  18. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    Awesome Theme!

    I have one quick question

    How do I truncate the the post titles on the sidebar widgets_story_tabs.php

     <ul class="tabnav">
                  <li><a href="#new"><?php echo $new_title; ?></a></li>
                  <li><a href="#top"><?php echo $top_title; ?></a></li>
                  <li><a href="#alltime"><?php echo $alltime_title; ?></a></li>
                  <div id="new" class="tabdiv">

    Thanks in advance!
  19. frytec

    frytec Member

    i think you can use the truncate(); function.
    but its not on that part of code you pasted (this is the title of the tab)
    it must be called when listing the posts.

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