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[Done] OPEN ID

Discussion in 'Plugin Suggestion Box' started by sumankumar, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. sumankumar

    sumankumar New Member

    Please develop a plugin for OPEN ID.
  2. frytec

    frytec Member

    try RPX plugin
  3. sumankumar

    sumankumar New Member

    Hot ARU is a fantastic CMS system.

    I guess we need to make some video tutorials and release it on you tube on many common issues. I request some one to please make a complete video tutorial starting from scratch to make this wonderful CMS famous on the line of joomla, magento etc. I am new to php development and exploring the language. i am 15 years old and wish to learn PHP so that i can contribute in development of this project. Looking for a godfather???
  4. frytec

    frytec Member

    Well, first thing you will notice in hotaru is that it is a full modulated cms. It works with modules, that here we call plugins, to add features. In that way, you can make your hotaru a blog, or a bookmarking site, or a jornal/articles site, or a static site, etc...
    So, if you wanna learn how it works, explore the php files of each plugin. We have some people here that are always trying to help, so if you face any problem, just ask here on the forum and we will help you.

    About your OpenID question, hotaru already have a plugin for that...

    It uses an external authentication api, letting the users to login or register using a google/facebook/twitter/openid/hotmail/etc/etc/etc account.

    All information and instructions are here http://forums.hotarucms.org/showthread.php?262-RPX-0-6
  5. dale

    dale New Member

    and if you can't get RPX to work like me let's brainstorm together.
  6. sumankumar

    sumankumar New Member

    Great , how can i contribute?

    I would like this cms should have image drag and drop direct sharing.A sharebox where you can just drag and drop web component and it intelligently share it whether its a link a photo or a video to all the subscribed social forums.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012

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