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Plug-in list

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Kyan, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Kyan

    Kyan Donor Donor

    I'm posting my list of all the plug-ins posted in the forums (as of today of course) which I've found helpful and hope others will, too.

    I kinda-sorta have it divided into groups; the first is all what is included in the bookmarking plug-in pack. Then "anti-spam", "social", "widgets", etc. Obviously some fit in more than one category, so it's worth digging through.


    1. Bookmarking
    This plugin is the base of a social bookmarking website, providing the "list" and "post" templates to display news summaries and individual news articles. You are able to set the default post type and also default filter for results to be shown on the list page, allowing you to extend beyond just bookmarking news items.

    2. Categories
    Add categories to posts, urls and a drop-down, horizontal menu. Uses the Bookmarking, Submit and Widgets plugins.

    3. Category Manager
    Total solution for creating and editing categories.

    4. Comment Manager
    View, approve, edit and delete comments all from one place.

    Enable your registered users to comment on each post. Supports avatars (e.g. Gravatar plugin), replies, unlimited nesting, editing, HTML tags (chosen by the Admin) and comment subscription. Note: You can't vote on comments yet, maybe in a later version or through a separate plugin.

    6. Cron
    This plugin emulates server side cron jobs by triggering HTTP requests when users view pages at selected intervals.

    7. Gravatar
    Enable user avatars with Gravatar, a "global" avatar which has become especially popular since Wordpress adopted it for their avatars.

    8. jQuery Test
    Tests to see if jQuery is included and working by displaying an animation in Admin ->jQuery Test and if DEBUG mode is enabled, an animation is also displayed in your theme's footer.

    9. Post Manager
    View, sort, search, filter, edit and delete posts from Admin.

    10. Posts Widget
    Displays lists of posts in widgets: Top, New, Upcoming, Top 7 Days, Top 30 Days, Top 365 Days and All-Time Best.

    11. reCaptcha
    The web's most popular anti-spam captcha system. By itself, it doesn't do anything, but other plugins can utilize it.

    12. Search
    Give your users the ability to search your site. Site search is by relevancy* and RSS feeds of search results are by most recent. The search box is a widget. * For languages that don't use the roman alphabet, results are by most recent.

    13. Stop Spam
    This plugin the StopForumSpam.com blacklist (http://www.stopforumspam.com/) to keep spam users out of your site.

    14. Submit
    Post and view stories, automatically fetch the title, preview and modify your submission, edit posts, enable which components to show (e.g. description, author, date), filter posts to selected users and if the plugins are activated, tags and categories, too. Option to disable the submit form without disabling the plugin. Includes submission moderation options with email notification for moderators. Recent additions include post archiving and editorials, i.e. posts without a link.

    15. Tags
    With this plugin you can add tags, see them on posts, filter posts by tag, and view an RSS feed for each tag.

    16. User Manager
    The main page enables you to view, sort, search, filter, edit and delete users. Two additional pages let you edit the default user permissions and settings for new users or existing usergroups.

    17. User Signin
    Provides user login and registration. Includes anti-spam features such as ReCaptcha and email validation.

    18. Users
    Provides user account, profile, settings, permission pages, and other user features. For registration and login, you will need the User Signin plugin.

    19. Vote
    Let users vote for posts.

    20. Widgets
    Give your site widget functionality. Reorder widgets and enable multiple widget blocks.


    21. TOS AntiSpam
    This plugin adds a checkbox to the registration form with the text "I agree to the Terms of Service". It also adds a customizable anti-spam question with a drop-down list of answers to choose from. Alternatively, you can have users type in the answer. These options can be added to Submit step 2 and limited to a user's first X posts.

    22. Akismet
    Akismet is an anti-spam service that automatically sends spam comments into the moderation queue. It works for both comments and posts and trains the Akismet server by sending back false-positives.

    23. Walled Garden
    A simple plugin to prevent non-registered users accessing your site. If they try to, they are redirected to the login page. They can, of course, access the registration page.

    24. High Walls
    High Walls prevents access to your website. Unlike the Walled Garden plugin, High Walls does NOT allow open registration. The only way to to add users is through Admin -> Plugin Settings -> User Manager -> Add New User.
    Attempting to access the site will redirect you to a custom login page.

    25. Ego Squasher
    A simple plugin to prevent users from submitting back-to-back posts from the same domain, unless their last one made the front page. This plugin was inspired by bloggers selfishly submitting all their own posts to my site, regardless of whether they were any good or not.
    On Submit step 1, the message "Sorry, your last post was from that domain, too." is displayed and the user can't proceed to step 2. You can change the message by copying the language file to your own /languages folder in your theme and editing it there.

    26. Comment First
    A simple plugin to prevent post submission unless you have an approved comment first.


    27. Tweet This
    This plugin adds a "Tweet This!" link below a post description, which when clicked, redirects you to your Twitter page with your status prefilled in with the post title and shortened url, pointing back to the post on your Hotaru site. Admins can choose from three different url shortening services: is.gd (default), TinyUrl, and bit.ly (requires login and API key).

    28. Twitter Widget
    Twitter Widget is a sidebar widget that shows your sites Twitter follower count and friends (people you follow) tweets

    29. Invite Friends
    This plug-in allows the users to invite their friends to the website.This plug-in is a integration of open inviter.

    30. Facebook Share
    This plugin adds a Facebook Share button in the extra field of each post.

    31. StumbleUpon
    Submit and stumble posts to StumbleUpon

    32. Follow
    Basic Follower/Following plugin works with core $h class for Friends

    33. Facebook Open Graph
    This plugin enables Facebook Open Graph integration with hotaru. Currently the plugin allows for users to like posts and write comments via facebook on bookmarking post pages.

    34. Buzz This (share post on Google Buzz)
    This plugin adds a "Buzz This!" link below a post description, which when clicked, redirects you to your Google Reader account with the post's title & body in the body of the Buzz.

    35. RPX
    This plugin allows your users to register and login via third party providers such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.


    36. Disqus
    A very basic plugin to enable comments with Disqus. It doesn't support importing comments and there's no integration between Hotaru users and Disqus users.

    37. Intense Debate
    A very basic plugin to enable comments with Intense Debate.
    It doesn't support importing comments and there's no integration between
    Hotaru users and Intense Debate users.

    38. Comment Voting
    Let users vote on comments. Both up and down votes are displayed together. This is the first version of the plugin, so it's not yet possible to bury comments with the thumbs down button. That feature will come soon, though.


    Post Images
    Add thumb images to your posts. Retrieves a choice of thumbnails from a given URL.

    39. Post Views
    Counts the number of times a post has been viewed and stores that counter in the db posts table. Allows you to show the number of views in the extras field area along with comment counts, tags and share buttons.

    40. Smilies
    Converts text for smiley faces into images

    41. Who Voted
    Display who voted on post pages.

    42. Image Upload
    This plugin enables the post submitter to upload an image from his or her computer to attach to the post.

    43. Add This
    This plugin adds an Add This button in the extra field of each post. Note: In order to show the buttons inline, each <li> in show_post_extra_fields will have float:left added to them. Should this mess up your theme, you may remove it from the css file.

    44. More From
    This plugin will install a link under the post title to search your site for more posts from that post's root domain. Similar to Digg.com

    Domain Results
    Alternative to "More From". Uses a different method of retrieving results from a given domain, and enables filters to browse them.

    45. Video Inc
    If a submitted url contains a direct link to a video, this plugin will create a thumbnail image for the list pages and embed the video in the post description on post pages. If the Thickbox plugin is active, clicking the thumbnail will launch the video in a screen overlay.


    46. Text Widget
    Add multiple custom widgets to your sidebar. Paste text, HTML, PHP, etc into each widget and use the Widgets plugin to position it in your sidebar or other widget block.

    47. Tag Cloud
    With this plugin you can view a tag cloud and put a tag cloud widget in your sidebar.

    48. Who's Online
    With this plugin you can view the number of members and guests online and show the names and avatars of online members in a widget.

    49. Post Views Widget
    Displays a list of most viewed posts in a widget.

    50. Categories Widget
    A widget that shows a list of categories.

    51. Recent Visitors
    A widget that shows the most recent site members to have logged in. Includes a settings page that lets you edit the number of users, whether to display them as a list or inline, whether to use avatars, the avatar size, and user name. All user names and avatars link to user profiles, and the widget HTML is cached until the users table is next updated.

    52. Comments Widget
    Displays latest comments in a widget block.

    53. User Rankings
    A Widget and Page that ranks users by activity over the last X days. Comes with a settings page so you can customize the number of points to award for each post, comment or vote, and a cache duration to set how often points are updated.

    54. Activity
    The Activity plugin adds an "activity" page and RSS feed which shows all activity from your site (posts, comments and votes). It also adds a user activity feed (and RSS) to the user profile. Lastly, it includes a widget.

    55. Journal Widget
    Displays a list of recent journal entries in a widget.
  2. Kyan

    Kyan Donor Donor


    56. Contact Us
    A contact form that people can use to send email to the site admin. Includes an option to send a copy to yourself, and if the reCaptcha plugin is installed, you can enable reCaptcha, too.

    57. Admin Email
    Send an email to all users, user groups or individual users. Each user receives an individually addressed email, and those emails are sent out in batches with an admin-specified time delay between them. Includes a simulation mode.

    58. Sitemap Generator
    Generate a sitemap for your Hotaru site


    59. DB Optimize
    Checks your database tables for optimization, to see whether you need to optimize via the admin maintenance mode.

    60. RSS Autoreader
    This plugin automates reading of rss feeds to populate post table for submissions to hotaru.

    61. Dummy Data
    Allows you to fill your database tables with dummy data for posts, comments, categories, users and tags

    62. Index Sort
    Sort indexpage to Latest, Upcoming or All. To use popular again just turn off the plugin.

    63. Tim Thumb
    First of all, this plugin doesn't do anything by itself. It's used by other plugins to create and cache image thumbnails using the open source script, TimThumb.

    64. Archive
    This plugin archives all posts, comments, tags, votes and activity older than a specified timeframe. You can freely use, stop using, extend or shrink the archive at any time.

    65. Custom Rankings
    This plugin hooks into the User Rankings plugin so you can assign custom ranks and icons to each user according to their score.

    66. ThickBox
    "ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal."
    By itself, this plugin doesn't do anything, but other plugins can use it to display images, videos and other media. One such plugin is Video Inc.

    67. Order By Pub Date
    This plugin changes the default sorting order of the "top" pages to "date published" instead of "date posted". This applies to RSS feeds as well.

    68. Author Select
    This plugin adds a text field to the post submission and edit pages in which you can enter the name of the user to which you want to assign the post. By default, each post is assigned to the user submitting it.

    69. RSS Show
    Add multiple RSS feeds to your templates. Show titles, summaries or full content. It can also be used as a widget.

    70. Google Analytics
    This plugin allow you to add Google Analytics tracking code to Hotaru, in a simple way.


    71. Submit No Links
    This plugin removes the first step of submission from the Submit plugin and makes all posts "editorials". In other words, you cannot submit links with this plugin enabled.

    72. Submit Light
    This plugin alters the Submit plugin so that you only get two post submission steps instead of three. In other words, the preview step is not used, making it quicker for your users to post new stories.

    73. CKEditor WYSIWYG Text Editor
    Integrates CKEditor (formally FCKeditor) WYSIWYG editor to the submit step 2 and the edit submission page summary text. (version 3.4.1)

    74. Related Posts
    Display related posts on post pages and the final step of post submission.

    75. Post Price
    This plugin adds a price field to Submit Step 2, filters it to ensure it is a valid number and displays it in the post extras.

    76. Media Select
    This plugin adds a choice of "News", "Video" or "Image" to Submit Step 2, therefore tagging each post with a media type that can be used by other plugins. Media Select also adds a media choice to the category bar which allows users to filter posts to their choice of media.

    77. Post Promotion
    Post Promotion is a plugin that "sticks" a post on the top of your Homepage. This acts like the reddit promoted posts.
    The posts in the "Promoted Posts" list are randomly displayed in a Box in your home page.
    Anyone who has the "can_promote" permission should be able to add a story in the "Promoted Posts" list.


    78. Profile Image
    This plugin allows the users to upload their profile image in the profile page.

    79. Related Posts
    Display related posts on post pages and the final step of post submission.

    80. Journal
    User journals are mini-blogs for your users. They don't need to provide a link, category or tags. They just post, Twitter style without the length restriction. Journal entries are separate from social bookmarking posts and can't be voted for. Users can leave comments, though.

    81. Messaging
    Enables your users to send each other private messages.


    82. EVB (External Vote Button)
    Ths plugin allows an external vote button (EVB) to be embedded in a remote site. When clicked, the user is redirected to the Hotaru CMS site to submit the page they came from or if its already in the database, they can vote for it (if logged in).

    83. Link Bar
    A bare bones, external link bar shown at the top of each post visited from your site.
    "Link Bar" is very basic, but very extensible. By default, it shows your site name, link to the post on your site, and a link to close the bar. The CSS is separate from the usual merged archive file that hotaru uses because most of that is unnecessary for a simple bar, but I've included a way to override the default link_bar.css file if you copy it to your own theme folder and edit it there. The link_bar_top.php template can also be customized in the usual way, by copying it to your theme.

    84. Bookmarklet
    A simple plugin that displays a bookmarklet link for users to drag to their toolbar or add to their favorites. They can click that link when browsing other webpages to open a new window at step 2 of the post submission process. In other words, a bookmarklet is a tool for making it easier to use your site.

    85. Votebar
    Have the ability to create a (external) bar width vote buttons


    86. Up Down Voting
    An alternative to the original "Vote" plugin. This one allows users to vote up or down.

    87. Post RSS
    This plugin enables RSS feeds for posts.

    88. Magazine
    This plugin provides the templates for a magazine-style site and is an alternative to the Bookmarking plugin

    89. Stats
    A lightweight module to display basic stats about a Hotaru site including:
    -Number of members
    -Number of submitted posts
    -Number of comments
    -Number of votes
    -Average stats per member

    90. Save Post
    This plugin adds a link in the sb_base_show_post_extra_fields field, allowing your members to save/flag a post as a favorite. These are shown in a sidebar widget. The sidebar widget is dynamically updated. The saved posts are saved in the user's profile data as "saved_posts". Please note that this plugin is only tested using jQuery 1.4.2.

    91. Random Post
    Displays a random *top* story.

    92. Adsense revenue share
    Show adsense code with the admin pub id or the user pub id. So profit made by ads in the posts of one user is split between the admin/site and the user.

    93. Order By Votes
    A simple plugin to change the default sorting order of the index page to "most votes" instead of "date".

    94. iTunes Store
    Get products from iTunes store to show on site under Post details.
    Matches Tags and Category to an iPhone application search and show under each Post.

    95. Mobile
    This plugin provides redirection and renderen pages for mobile devices

    96. Pligg2Hotaru
    Import a Pligg or SWCMS database into Hotaru CMS. Version 0.1 imports the following tables: Links, Comments, Users, Categories, Tags and Votes. It doesn't import favorites, messages, friend data or anything else. Please hire me if you have special requirements.

    97. Autocomplete
    Add autocompletion to any text input you want

    98. Hello World
    An example plugin that displays "Hello World" in a template.

    99. Goodbye World
    A demonstration plugin that shows how you can change or extend the behavior of an existing plugin. Goodbye World overrides the Hello World plugin, changing the text from "Hello" to "Goodbye". It does this by adding an extends parameter to the comment block at the top of the file, adding "extends HelloWorld" to the class definition, and making its own hello_world function to override the original. Please study the file for details.

    100. Hello Universe
    An example plugin showing how some features are made.
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  3. done

    done New Member

    When I read there were 100 plugins I thought it was wrong, you've corrected me
  4. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    This is great work Kyan. Hey could you try out the "blog this post" button (if you have one, it's at the end of the post next to "thanks") and squeeze both posts in 1 blog entry? I clicked the button but then it would be under my name and I'm not sure if I could switch it to yours.
  5. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Jon, I restricted the forum blogs feature to moderators-only a while ago because it was getting abused.

    I will make this thread a sticky post though. Excellent work, Kyan!

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