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[Jobs] Post Images with RSS Autoreader

Discussion in 'Requests for Paid Services' started by Gunaxin, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Gunaxin

    Gunaxin Well-Known Member

    I have a fairly involved task that I need some help with. I'm willing to pay, and of course donate the solution back to the Hotaru project, as I've done with several other features. I'm not sure what a fair rate would be for this, so let me know what you think.

    We utilize Post Images on Gunaxin Links, and I require that all links have a thumbnail.
    We also utilize the RSS Autoreader to submit some content automatically by category.

    Currently, I manually edit each link submitted via RSS, in order to pick and crop a thumbnail. This obviously takes time, and is a repetitive task that I'd like to get rid of. So I'm looking for someone who can figure out how to get those thumbnails automatically created. Its a fairly tricky task, but I've seen other services on the web that handle it.

    I assume the easiest would be to handle it automatically when pulling in the RSS feed, as many RSS feeds include images. This way you isolate just the images in the content, and eliminate extraneous possibilities. From there I assume you'd just use the largest image available, and take the center of it.

    If it can't be handled automatically in the RSS Autoreader plugin, then possibly a new plugin which can run on its own cron script, to automatically generate thumbs for any posts that don't have one. I'm open with how to implement it. I assume that this would involved identifying the content area of a submission, and again the largest image in that area, and automatically using it.

    This will definitely create some bad thumbnails, but hopefully it will require less work. Anyone have any thoughts, or abilities in this area, that want to take on this task?
  2. tombr

    tombr New Member

    I'm interested in this one too, have you got any response from interested developers?
  3. olivetty

    olivetty New Member

    I'm interested in this one too
  4. kmai

    kmai New Member

    Hi Gunaxin,

    I have the same need for a plugin that works well.
    Look: http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/ this is a plugin for wordpress
    Maybe the Petesguri can help us adapt it to hotoru, I think it's the only one capable of adapting
    I participate in the payment


    Sorry my bad english
  5. frytec

    frytec Member

    i would pay 50USD for a plugin like that.
    if someone is up to it.

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