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Responsive theme

Discussion in 'Themes' started by mabujo, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    Responsive Theme
    Version: 0.1
    Author: mabujo
    Created on: 2012/01/06
    Last Updated: 2012/01/06
    Tested on: 1.4.2
    Plug & Play: Yes
    Supported: No
    Theme page: Responsive theme

    In the last few years the entire web landscape has changed with more and more people browsing the web on mobile devices every day.
    Responsive web design is a recently popular approach for creating web pages which 'respond' seamlessly to the devices they are viewed on, rather than targetting specific devices.

    Responsive theme is a remake of the default Hotaru theme using this responsive approach. If you use this theme you will no longer need the mobile plugin for mobile users, as this theme handles them too!
    It is valid HTML5 and works on any modern browser from smartphones and tablets to desktop browsers on full HD monitors. Infact, because the theme is responsive and fluid, the maximum width on a desktop is actually 1140px - 180 pixels wider than the default!
    The theme also contains a few small tweaks to the default theme such as sprites for the theme images e.t.c.

    Theme gallery

    Demo :
    I've created a live demo of the responsive theme, you can view it here :
    Live Responsive Theme demo

    1. Download the zip file, unzip and upload the folder to your hotaru installation at /content/themes/responsive/
    2. Go to your administration panel > Theme Settings > Responsive and enable the theme.
    3. Clear your caches at Admin > Maintenance

    The theme is based of the original design by Nick and uses the 1140 grid from http://cssgrid.net/ as a base. Theme development was sponsored by Man United Latest.

    Revision History
    Version 2012/01/06 - First release.

    Please click "Rate Thread" and give this theme a rating. Thank you.


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    Last edited: Jan 6, 2012
  2. romancos

    romancos New Member

    looks interesting but on mobile search form is shifted below posts, same happens when you click on post entry (even on computer wide-screen version).
  3. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    This is intentional on mobile but shouldn't happen on desktop unless you have a tiny screen. What is your screen resolution?
    If you want it to be always on top, you can just create another widget block and put it before the posts.
  4. romancos

    romancos New Member

    Thanks, I'll have to play around with search form. I don't mind other widgets to be at the bottom, since I made mobile plugin to work as welll...
  5. mabujo

    mabujo Designer

    This theme is meant to replace the mobile plugin completely. You can do what you like of course...
  6. romancos

    romancos New Member

    still, like visitor to have that choice, whether navigate simple mobile site or get full site in their device. Responsive theme is a great choice though. I'd customized it to match my requirements and it looks so good.

  7. cara

    cara New Member

    The themes below are all designed and implemented to be responsive. Please check the demos to ensure the responsive design fits your needs and that the required dimensions look good. One way to do this fast simply is to make the browser window smaller. Best solution however is to test on a tablet and smartphone before making the final decision
  8. romancos

    romancos New Member

    well, it behaved differently from others but now I must admit that I like the way it reacts to different screen sizes.

    Good work!!!
  9. invity

    invity New Member

    Wow..!! Looking Great Awesome Responsive Themes. Great Work.. very Useful Thanks for sharing..

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