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1.7 So Much Php Errors With Base Plugins

Discussion in 'Installation Specific Questions' started by jackson, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. jackson

    jackson New Member


    I'm kind of sad because Hotaru looks like a good (opensource) software. And I would like to thank you first for the good job because it really seems like an good app, in the admin panel at least.

    But it's been 3 days I'm trying to get it working and it just doesn't. I've been in a lot of troubles whith installation of 1.7.1 and i finally gave up and install 1.7 (I've submit a bug ticket on Github for 1.7.1)

    With 1.7, I began to install the fist plugins and got the firt bug with Widgets :
    Fatal error: Class 'Widget' not found in /srv/http/HotaruCMS-1.7/content/plugins/widgets/widgets.php

    I solved that one by correcting the line 45 in widgets.php (you forgot to add the namespace) :
    $h->vars['widgets'] = new \Libs\Widget();

    Then I install Users and got the second bug when trying to register my first test user :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Libs\UserBase::generateHash() in /srv/http/HotaruCMS-1.7/content/plugins/user_signin/user_signin.php on line 437

    Indeed, the generateHash() function doesn't exist in the UserBase.php file. I did not try to solve this anymore.
    Oh and I just can't find the "Submit" plugin the documentation talks about.

    Maybe it's because of my server configuration (PHP 5.6.4 on Apache 2.4) but coding php is what I do for a living and all my apps are just fine with it. Or Hotaru 1.7 is an alpha version ?

    I really would like to give it an other try so let's try to solve this ;-)

    I thank you in advance for your help
  2. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Welcome to Hotaru, and sorry to hear about the problems. I checked the widget plugin and I'm wondering if you have an outdated version. Do you have v 1.0? This is what lines 35-42 of v 1.0 look like:
      public function theme_index_top($h)
      // Create a new global object called "widget_block".
      require_once(LIBS . 'Widget.php');
      $h->vars['widgets'] = new \Libs\Widget();
    I just downloaded the complete install of the latest version (which is actually 1.7.1) here and it does have the proper widget.php file in it. Would you mind downloading that and seeing if things go smoother? In it, you will also find the submit plugin.
  3. jackson

    jackson New Member

    As i said in my first post, I tried to install it from the Github releases here
    Now with your link, looks like all is good. Just start playing with it.
    THank you very much (maybe you should add a note on github to tell users that these releases are not stable)
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  4. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Glad that worked for you.

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