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Text Widget 0.7

Text Widget

  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Nick submitted a new resource:

    Text Widget - Text Widget

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    Can this plugin be broke up to different sections of a site?
    text areas id:A1, A2, A3 for header,
    text areas id:B1, B2, B3 for mid page,
    same for footer and sidebar. etc.

    Say someone was to convert a WordPress template over to HotaruCMS, then a hook where Wordpress has the "featured" area div can be an "about us" synopsis.

    Or maybe a completely different "featured" plugin that you can sticky a story there on the top section. I think Pligg had a module like that. - I'll suggest this one in the appropriate forum .
  3. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    In a roundabout way, yes. The trick is to make extra sidebars (which aren't really sidebars, but "areas"). Then you can make as many text widgets as you want and use the Sidebar Widgets plugin to move them into the "area" you want.

    Read how here: http://hotarucms.org/showthread.php?t=64
  4. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    Text Widget [ id:1 ] not displaying in Widgets plugin

    Not sure if this should be posted here or on the widgets plugin side of things:

    After adding multiple text widgets, I go to the widgets plugin to change their order. The widgets plugin displays all added text widgets with the exception of Text Widget [ id:1 ].
  5. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    That sounds a bit buggy. Try this:

    1. Uninstall the "Widgets" plugin
    2. Admin -> Maintenance -> "Remove Widgets settings"
    3. Reinstall the "Widgets" plugin
    4. See if the problem is fixed in Admin -> Plugin Settings -> Widgets

    If that doesn't work, you might repeat the procedure with the "Text Widget" plugin, but you'll need to make each text widget again.
  6. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    so how do i post an image in the text widget box, and link to another page or site?

    The following doesn't seem to work:

    <a href="http://www.xxx.com" target="_blank"> <img src="xxx.jpg"> </a>

    Should I use php for this? thanks.
  7. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    What exactly doesn't work? I tried it and it worked fine. If it doesn't work for you, what happens when you try it?

    The widget doesn't show? Check it's enabled in the Widgets settings.
    Blank page, or the code is lost when you click "Save"? Maybe a mod_security problem. Talk to your web host.
  8. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    User error. Photo in wrong folder. sigh...it's been a long day. As always, thanks Nick.
  9. norby500

    norby500 New Member Donor

    i download this and it says it is still 0.5 when i downloaded the 0.6 file?
  10. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, looks like I forgot to change the version number, but it's definitely the 0.6 code.
  11. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

  12. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

  13. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    i have seen new link.

    I created the adsense.php page with my code adsense and i have put in index.php
    But i I would like to insert directly the content of text_widget 0.6, how can I do?

    Thanks a lot
  14. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    Make a text widget, select the PHP box and paste $h->displayTemplate('adsense'); into it. Then paste this wherever you want your second widget block:

    <?php $h->pluginHook('widget_block''', array(2)); ?>
    Finally, in Admin -> Widgets, move your new text widget to the very bottom, and down once more so it pops off into your second widget block.

    Now it should show up wherever you pasted the above code.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander New Member

    or insert this code:
    <?php Widgets::singleWidget($h, "text_widget_1"); ?>
    in favourite position of php page, am I right?

    Another question for this:
    is it possible to put a variable in text_widget_1 (for example text_widget[$id]) to don't edit manually the code to insert adsense?

    Thanks a lot
  16. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    I wonder why I'm unable to add a second text widget. When I click "Add a new widget" on the Text Widget admin page, it says "Widget added" but I don't see the second widget at all.

    Funnily, when I click "Widgets" on the main admin page, it show Text widget 2 and Text widget 3 (and turned On), which I believe implies that the 2nd and 3rd widgets have been added. But when I go to the "Text Widget" admin page I can only see the first text widget.

    Cleared the cache and tried the following too, but no luck :confused:

    EDIT: List of installed plugins

    1. bookmarking v.0.5 (0.0) [enabled]
    2. user_signin v.0.7 (0.0) [enabled]
    3. users v.2.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    4. submit v.3.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    5. comments v.2.6 (0.0) [enabled]
    6. category_manager v.1.0 (0.0) [enabled]
    7. categories v.1.9 (0.0) [enabled]
    8. search v.1.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    9. tags v.1.8 (0.0) [enabled]
    10. vote v.2.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    11. post_manager v.1.0 (0.0) [enabled]
    12. user_manager v.1.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    13. comment_manager v.0.6 (0.0) [enabled]
    14. activity v.1.1 (0.0) [enabled]
    15. archive v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    16. comment_voting v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    17. comments_widget v.0.4 (0.0) [enabled]
    18. contact_us v.0.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    19. cron v.0.4 (0.0) [enabled]
    20. facebook_open_graph v.0.5 (0.0) [enabled]
    21. gravatar v.1.0 (0.0) [enabled]
    22. journal v.0.6 (0.0) [enabled]
    23. messaging v.0.7 (0.0) [enabled]
    24. post_rss v.0.1 (0.0) [enabled]
    25. post_views v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    26. posts_widget v.1.6 (0.0) [enabled]
    27. save_post v.0.7 (0.0) [enabled]
    28. smilies v.0.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    29. stop_spam v.0.4 (0.0) [enabled]
    30. post_views_widget v.0.1 (0.0) [enabled]
    31. who_voted v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    32. whos_online v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    33. ckeditor v.0.1 (0.0) [enabled]
    34. twitter_widget v.0.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    35. post_images v.1.0 (0.0) [enabled]
    36. facebook_share v.0.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    37. tweet_this v.0.5 (0.0) [enabled]
    38. mobile v.0.3 (0.0) [disabled]
    39. ego_squasher v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    40. autocomplete v.0.3 (0.0) [enabled]
    41. user_rankings v.0.2 (0.0) [enabled]
    42. text_widget v.0.5 (0.0) [enabled]
    43. widgets v.1.0 (0.0) [enabled]
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2010
  17. nothingman

    nothingman Active Member

    *bump*...anyone? :confused:
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  18. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    RSS Text Widget

    Any suggestions on adding a text widget that would display a list of RSS Feeds. I would like to add a sidebar widget to would show 3-5 RSS so users can subscribe too.

    NowPublic.com - The News is NowPublic_1309733765991.png
  19. Manolof

    Manolof Active Member

    What should i change in the code in order to make this plugin nest all the created text widgets under the same widget body? Currently it is like:
    <div class="widget">
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_1_body"></div>
    <div class="widget">
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_2_body"></div>
    <div class="widget">
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_3_body"></div>
    While i want it to be all in the same widget :
    <div class="widget">
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_1_body"></div>
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_2_body"></div>
    <div class="widget_body" id="text_widget_3_body"></div>
    Thanks in advance!
  20. Condition-Human

    Condition-Human Active Member

    Add a News ticker to your blog site using a text widget - EASY

    I found this great website called noozilla

    simply go to the website below


    you can select a topic, colours , width, country ect

    once you have customized it you can see what it looks like on the website
    suggest a width of 300 pixels and text size 12 as a start
    once you are happy customising click on the Create new widget button, you will see the results on the right hand side on the website.

    A box will appear on the right hand side where you can copy and paste the code.

    Now simple create new text widget in admin plugins (text widget ), then you can copy and paste the code into the new text widget.

    dont forget to save the new widget, give a title eg. News Feed


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