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Tipped Off 0.1

Tipped Off

  1. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    They are in the bookmarking plugin's "templates" folder. Copy them into the tipped-off folder and edit those copies.
  2. shivachettri

    shivachettri New Member

    Oops Sorry, I forgot to check the templates folder. Thanks a lot
  3. rmk344

    rmk344 New Member


    Any idea how to extend the sidebar in the tipped off theme to the bottom of the page? Currently I've inserted some breaks in the text widget, but obviously this isn't ideal.

    Really enjoy the theme and Hotaru. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. AdminShift

    AdminShift New Member

    I"m just trying to get the sidebar to go away when one page is shown, as the page is a fixed size and the sidebar cuts it off.

    To show you what I mean..

    go to my site, www.cooklinker.com
    Click on Coupons up top.
    The sidebar on the right side cuts off the coupon display.. is there a way in this theme to make the sidebar go away when that coupon page is displayed?
  5. scrt

    scrt New Member

    Do not know if this is the answer u want. Yummy. The theme u are using is a two column theme. Left is your post and the right is your widget. Personally, nothing wrong with showing other stuff from the widget with the coupon . It shows other material on the site for user to stay longer or explore the other links from the widget side if they do not see a good coupon on the left. How about making the coupon fit within the first column. That is, change the shape of the coupon to fit within the first column.

    U can but the theme is a 2 column and thus might look like a hack design (universal on every page having a similar design, pattern, template). In documentation, there is a method but hard to do for a first timer especially if no programming background (important parts of hotaru for u to figure out the minor details). I mention documentation link in my prior post.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2011
  6. 1stelite

    1stelite New Member

    My favorite Theme. Thanks!

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