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Twitter Widget 0.3

Discussion in 'Deprecated Plugins' started by JonH, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    Twitter Widget
    Version: 0.3
    Author: Jon H
    Created on: 2010/02/24
    Last Updated: 2010/06/17
    Tested on: HotaruCMS 1.3.0
    Plugins Required: widgets
    Plug & Play: Yes
    Supported: No

    Twitter Widget is a sidebar widget that shows your sites Twitter follower count and friends (people you follow) tweets

    1. Upload the "twitter_widget" folder to your plugins folder. Install it from Plugin Management in Admin.
    2. Go to the Twitter Widget settings and enter your Twitter username and password.
    3. Turn widget on in the main "widget" plugin settings panel in admin.
    4. You can set up this widget to diplay your own tweets or your followers by editing twitter_widget.php,.

    Special thanks to Antonio Lupetti - See tutorial at http://woork.blogspot.com/2009/06/super-simple-way-to-work-with-twitter.html and the Twitter API Wiki.

    This widget utilizes Hotaru's smartCache feature to get around Twitters 150/hr API call limit (Thanks Nick!). It will only update every 10 minutes or when a new story is posted this is why the Submit plugin is needed.

    If your site is in debug mode you can see how many hits you have left that hour before you get to the 150/hr limit. See example pic.


    This plugin can be highly configurable - the Twitter API's the limit!

    Revision History
    v.0.3 2010/06/17 - Alan - Made suggested options for changing look of widget into admin settings section
    v.0.2 2010/05/27 - Nick - Removed requirement to have SB Base installed
    v.0.1 2010/02/24 - JonH - Released first version

    Please click "Rate Thread" and give this plugin a rating. Thank you.

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  2. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    There's a few settings you can change in twiiter_widget.php.

    To show your own tweets instead of your friends change line 100 to
    $xml $twitter->getUserTimeline();
    To show more tweets text characters change line 108 (up to 140)

    To show date and time friends posted uncomment line 139

    To show more friends tweets (up to 20) change the number 6 on line 130 (up to 21)

    To use the top "follow us" part as a twitter badge (no friends tweets) remove or comment out lines 128 thru 143

    There's more to play with if you read up in libs/twitter_lib.php
  3. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    Hi JonH:

    Great plug-in. Many thanks.

    How did you get your image to appear in the header? I can only get the CSS to change the background color, although I've got the following in the file now (I altered the image you had in the original plug-in, uploaded to my host/server, but can't get it to appear in FFox or IE):

    background: #B3ECEF url(content/plugins/twitter_widget/images/twitwidbgj.gif) no-repeat left center;
    border-top:solid 1px #DEDEDE;
    border-bottom:solid 1px #DEDEDE;

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  4. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    Did you upload the image to the correct directory and give the same name as the original? It might also shift if it's not the same size.

    Sorry it's been awhile and I don't have a Hotaru site running right now.
  5. zigstonk

    zigstonk Donor Donor

    Thanks for responding. I'll double-check everything again. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something...
  6. shibuya246

    shibuya246 Hotaru Developer Staff Member Admin

    Thanks for these ideas. I have now included these in the admin settings for this plugin and updated the file to v 0.3

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  7. angolanmade

    angolanmade Well-Known Member

    Has anybody been successful in displaying the users timelines. Ive setting "Timeline to show" to users but it still display my accounts timeline.

  8. JonH

    JonH Admin & Design

    Twitter just went live with Oauth a few weeks ago, this plugin along with the Twitter thumbs need updating. :(
  9. yes

    yes Banned

    The twitter background pic with the blue bird is partially cut off on my site. I'm using the shibuya theme if that matters. BTW, what is the difference between this plugin and Twitter Thumbs 0.2?
  10. drvosjeca

    drvosjeca New Member

    im having problems with this plugin, no twits are showing up...?
  11. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    Please notice you are posting in the Deprecated Plugins Forum.
    In the description of the forum it reads: "Old plugins that should no longer be used. These may have been replaced with alternatives or are simply incompatible with the latest version and are not being updated."
  12. drvosjeca

    drvosjeca New Member

    so where can i find new twitter plugin??? I was looking on forum but no luck
  13. petsagouris

    petsagouris Design & Development

    Please don't search the forums.
  14. drvosjeca

    drvosjeca New Member

    why not??? what is a problem?
  15. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    This plugin is deprecated because it hasn't been updated to work with oAuth. If someone makes that update, the thread can be moved back into Plugin Downloads.
  16. seoranksmart1

    seoranksmart1 New Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2014
  17. hotaruuser

    hotaruuser New Member

    Ah, thats why it does not work :D LOL, must have tomatoes on my eyes.. how do you say this in english... :D

    But, for anybody who wants this, twitter itself provide widgets like this...

    Just type "twitter widget" in your favourite search engine...
  18. romancos

    romancos New Member

    I have v0.3 on hotaru 1.4.2 and it doesnt show any timeline neither for self, nor users, simply follow us badge. Kinda useless
  19. PuckRobin

    PuckRobin New Member

    Are you aware that you are writing to "deprecated plugins" (i.e. not supported, should not be used) forum title?
  20. romancos

    romancos New Member

    My bad, I just found text_widget and pasted twitter widget code with custom colors and options. Thank you for that plugin.

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