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User Rankings 0.2

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Nick, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. krankdroid

    krankdroid New Member

    It could be nice to get karma pointd from the ammount of votes your submissions get, instead of giving karms points to a user 'just' for submitting and voting on stories. Is that a big change to this plug in?
  2. rpermana

    rpermana Donor Donor


    Would like to know how to reset the ranking point ?
  3. rpermana

    rpermana Donor Donor

    Hopefully someone can help me on this..

    want my ranking points to reset on 1st of every month.
  4. PuckRobin

    PuckRobin New Member

    There is no reset, because plugin is not storing any data. However you can modify it to get the user data only from 1st day of the current month. Change line 210 of user_rankings.php to:

    $time_ago date("YmdHis"strtotime(date('m').'/01/'.date('Y').' 00:00:00'));
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  5. rpermana

    rpermana Donor Donor

    oh thanks!
  6. bollywoodmastian

    bollywoodmastian New Member

    Hi,Every one,i like this plugin ,but when i upload this plugin ,and go the admin panel and install it,i have one error
    Sorry, User Rankings requires Activity 0.7

    is anyone help me on this issue.

  7. PuckRobin

    PuckRobin New Member

    So why don't you install Activity plugin?
  8. bollywoodmastian

    bollywoodmastian New Member

    because this plugin show the post of user.
  9. PuckRobin

    PuckRobin New Member

    Install activity plugin and edit the followings in activity.php

    1. Remove line 60: $h->addWidget('activity', 'activity', '');

    2. Remove functions theme_index_top, theme_index_main, breadcrumbs

    3. Remove these from hooks declaration on line 9.
  10. atddoug

    atddoug New Member

    This plugin shows stats for 30 days beginning today (the day I added the plugin) but displays the label "from last 30 days". Can I hack it so it literally shows "from last 30 days", meaning the previous 30 days? Otherwise there is no ranking for the previous user activity.

    Btw: I added the Activity plugin first but I don't see anything regarding activity in the sidebar widgets. The default settings look good and the widget is enabled. Am I missing something?
  11. freeruns

    freeruns New Member

    it's as the Google Sitelinks, not contain the comment? but it'll influence The weight of website?
  12. robin007

    robin007 Well-Known Member

    how can do like this

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  13. valMETNG

    valMETNG Administrator Staff Member Admin

    According to this post, the plugin is very basic and doesn't store the ranks in the database which won't make it easy to do what you want. From a quick look at the code, it appears the ranks are generated each time using function generateUserRankings in user_rankings.php (line 202). So you'd have to modify the code to run that and the associated display (see the user_rankings_page.php in /templates) on the profile. Having said that, it would be better to redesign the plugin completely to store the user rankings and use a cron to generate on a daily/hourly basis. It's current design isn't very flexible - see this post.

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