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Vote on Comment analysis to enable Relevant Archiving Design Direction

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by scrt, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. scrt

    scrt New Member

    Hope I am posting in the correct area regarding Hotaru design direction. If not, maybe a Topic area geared towards that?

    Just wondering how many users are in favor of comment voting? And to see the comments listed by voting popularity inside an article or topic instead of the order comments are posted.

    Seeing comments listed in the order posted is fine. But after 6 months, do we need to keep all those comments hogging Disk space resources? Especially when it did not make the front page.

    Comment retention scenario.
    1) Top 5 comments for that article kept.
    2) All comments are kept.
    3) Comment degradation removal. As time passes, the lowest voted comment is remove.
    4) Other scenarios to add to this list?

    Design details. As I write the list, I realized it is just DB deletion of comment base on lowest vote. But what criteria do we use on this DB maintenance? Post making to the top pages. Post not making to the top pages and been there for x months. Post making it to the top pages and after 3 months, we keep the top 5 comments.

    Comments can make a site for user participation. Or readers having a giggle. Orr interesting view point. And thus with comment voting, we can save on resources like bandwidth, disk storage, etc. Comment spam or ego spam (voting a comment repeatedly or thru multiple accounts) prevention. I could lose sleep designing this one for determine people (captcha nuisance is one solution without losing sleep). LOL, maybe u can dream up a simple solution?

    And as I write, I ask myself the same question for an article. Unread article for over 6 months. Article over 3 months and having about 5 d1qq points from members. Hope it would be an enlighten discussion for love to hear a debate on this issue. I Guess a DB field been reserved for each comment vote tally to implement in a plugi without looking at the db table.

    Love to hear your view. It all about the details, criteria, and conserving resources. tx

    Archive: archive all post base on inactivity (plugin)
    Hmm, Use that as a first filter. Then db queary all post that got top ranking. Then take the top 5 comments with un-archiving of those post. Now, how many un-archive chances to provide. Since I do not have a counter on how many close calls to archiving of that post. I would need an inactivity guideline combine with post over 2 years old (oh, most likely have under 5 comments since it went thru the mill once - two strike u are out).
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  2. done

    done New Member

    I'm using Disqus, so it has some features built in.
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