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WP'it now live courtesy of HotaruCMS

Discussion in 'Bookmarking Discussions and More' started by newbieone, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    Hi All,

    Just thought I would let you know we have just launched http://wpit.wpin.me a social bookmarking site just for WordPress. Covering News, Themes, Plugins and basically anything related to Wordpress.

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks to all at Hotaru from Nick (obviously) right through to every plug developer theme creator and more.

    You will note I have kept the footer intact with a link to HotaruCMS, hopefully (fingers crossed) WP'it should get some traffic and publicise hotaru at the same time!

    Thanks to all again
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  2. done

    done New Member

    that gray background w/ top border is super sexy, any tip on generating my own background like that?

    I might recommend making your header clickable to home page.
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  3. newbieone

    newbieone New Member

    Hi Done,

    Thanks for the compliment and I agree with you on the header as well, will have to look into it although I do have plans for some css to switch the site to my blog site as well (once that is finished)

    In terms of work:
    The theme is actually the lounge theme available on the forums courtesy of Tricky. I have reworked it created a new background, complete with cufon text effects, and a lot and I mean (A LOT) of tinkering.

    All in all it took roughly 44 hours of work (I logged it) to complete the design and I still have lots to do, I may well be able to do a bespoke theme now, getting more comfortable with Hotaru in terms of design.

    Hit me up on DM if there is anything your after or any ideas your looking to realise.

    All the best

  4. Hobbis

    Hobbis Translation & Marketing

    Great idea funded on the great system

    This an excellent idea in terms of general subject (WP world coverage) as well as of setting it up on Hotaru. Congratulations and many thanks. :)

    It is a funny thing as I have been thinking for some time about creating a website which could be based on Hotaru and related somehow to the CMS matters. Your project inspired me a lot cause I came to Hotaru from the Joomla world (to tell the truth I also belongs there and still like Joomla very much) where recently the number of addons exceeded the unbelievable number of 6200! There is a joke that you have to be graduated from additional faculty to be able to judge ?what there is for what?? If I have enough time I perhaps will follow your idea for the case of Joomla. I hope you would be so kind and share in the future your experience with us.

    Good luck and best regards?

    ?and please remember to vote on Hotaru.

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